Carbon Dating

There are atoms which have same chemical properties but different atomic weights. They have same atomic mass because number of protons are identical but additional neutrons make then different in weight. Such atoms are called isotopes. For example carbon which has 6 protons and 6 neutrons have an isotope which have 6 protons but 8 neutrons.  They are presented as C14 and C12. Addition of protons make them less stable and many of them are radioactive. The rate at which a particular atom decays is independent of temperature, light or darkness. During decay the atom is trying to achieve state… Read More »Carbon Dating

Rib Tickling Scientific Findings

Almost in every news paper, a page is devoted to the current research and studies being carried out all over the world.  Many of these findings are very funny and evoke the laughter. The titles of these new items are even more jocular. Often as you go through such news, it shall elaborate that study was carried out by a team of researchers from such and such university on 100 or so people. Any person with a moderate knowledge of science and having a logical mind will immediately know about the flimsy claims in these trivial studies. But these have… Read More »Rib Tickling Scientific Findings