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Fugu: A Fish Delicacy to Die For

Man is always for delicacies in every sphere of life. It is a passion of mankind to search delicacies and for this adventure, it is ready to take risks that can cost the life. After all, it must have been a matter of hit and trial as to decide what is edible or what is not. Every species in nature tries to create mechanisms by which to propagate its creed while not letting others decimate it altogether. Every species is dependent on other species to progress ahead by marshaling the support or by destroying it . Plants invented flowers and seeds and coated them with the prize of nectar and sugar to bait the bees and animals for carrying out theĀ  pollination and broadcasting of seeds away from the tree itself.

When the dinosaurs and other mammoth animals created the situation of extinction for the plants by overgrazing, the plants filled their leaves with silica which will create injuries in the stomach and intestines of grazers and deter them from eating every kind of plants.

The taste of eating is uppermost in humans and this has led to myriad varieties of culinary arts and methods.


In this category is a fish calledĀ  “Fugu“, which is delicacy is Japan. It is very costly and dangerous delicacy. Certain parts like intestines, ovaries and liver contain tetrodotoxin (TTX) which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide and among the most powerful poisons found in nature. This compound, block the sodium channels which are carriers of information by binding the positive sodium to their negative oxygen atoms.


In the past, it is said that if a person in Japan was frustrated with life and did not want to live, he committed Harakiri by eating this fish.

The Japanese poet Yosa Buson expressed some of this feeling in a famous as follows,

I cannot see her tonight,

I have to give her,

So I will eat Fugu.

Only trained Chefs have license to prepare the fish. This show that taste can even beat the danger of life in humans.

There is interesting story in Japanese about the Fugu. Three persons prepared Fugu but were apprehensive about eating it for the fear of being poisoned, though they removed the poisonous parts during dressing. So they offered a dish to a beggar and waited to see the fate of beggar. They found that even after many hours they had given the dish to beggar, nothing happened to him. So, assured, they partook to delicacy.

In reality, the beggar was very intelligent and he hid the dish somewhere but pretended to had it eaten. He was waiting for the reaction of dish on the three fellows who had given him the dish. When the beggar saw them hail and hearty after two three days, he ate the dish. This way he had fooled the fellows who wanted to test the dish on him.