Ukraine Russia War

Do the citizens of Ukraine or any country for that matter want the war? The answer is in negative. It is their leadership that is responsible for bringing untold suffering on them. The country has been ravaged, millions have lost everything. The future seems to very bleak for the survivors. Little children have lost their parents. Is it the fault of the innocent citizens?

With the formation of UN after world war II, it was thought that most countries involved in the war had learnt their lesson but it was a wishful thinking. USA wants to police the whole world. It has a bleak record of misadventures all around the world at Afghanistan, Korea, and Taiwan. But even then it doesn’t stop.

Surely Russia should not have engaged in war but it’s US and it’s allies in NATO who are more responsible for all this. The irony is that these countries themselves have nothing to lose. It is the Ukrainian people who are suffering.

I don’t think Ukrainian government should have played into the hands of NATO because of its geological location abutting the mighty Russia. No country will tolerate the enemy guns stationed at its border as is the plan of NATO.

It is clear that Russia will not tolerate that NATO should be breathing on its neck. Everyone is aware that during the cold war between Eastern Bloc and NATO countries lead by USA, Russia found an sympathiser in Cuba which is the neighbour of USA. Russia brought weapons to Cuba. USA didn’t liked it. After so much tension, the situation was diffused. But the world does not learn from the past. USA has repeated the Cuba crisis here.

Ukraine has been ravaged beyond imagination by the war. The ordinary folks who work so hard to make a house, to furnish it for comfortable life and to educate their dear children have lost whatever they made made. It is heart wrenching to see the horrifying images of destruction.

Despite USA trying everything to weaken Russia by cutting it off from the global commerce but it has been to no effect. I think has boomeranged because most of the Europe is dependent on gas from Russia. The response of the West Asian countries to step in to compensate for Russian gas. It should stop arming the Ukraine so that war stops.

More than 1 million Ukrainian have left the country to find refuge in the neighbouring countries like Poland. It is a madness on the part of engaged parties. Ukraine has become the scapegoat and bore the brunt of Russia’s anger.

A Comparison of Economics Indicators

India and China are the most populous countries of the world. Since China has arrested its population growth it seems that their populations will match one another in a few years. In India many of us tend to compare the two and say that India will beat China in a few years. This may be day dreaming.

China has been relentlessly progressing and has become number two economically in the world just behind US although disparities are huge. How do China and India compare in some economic indicators??

China vs India

2019 data

Population (million):

India: 1361

China: 1418

Adult population (million)

India: 866

China: 1090


India: 3282

China: 12663

Total Wealth ($ trillion)

India: 12.6

China: 63.8

Dollar millionaires (in thousands)

India: 759

China: 4447

World’s High Rise Buildings

In today’s world, capitalism is the buzz word. This is flaunted by constructing skyscrapers. China which was once a communist country, has most skyscrapers. In total 46 of the world’s 100 skyscrapers are located in China.

Here are top 10 skyscrapers of the world.

  1. Burj Khalifa: Dubai, 828 meters completed in 2010. Use: hotel/res/officeShanghai Tower: Shanghai, 632 meters, completed in 2015. Use: hotel/office
  2. Shanghai Tower: Shanghai, 632 meters, completed in 2015, use: hotel/office.
  3. Ping An Finance Centre: Shenzhen, 599.1 meters, completed in 2017. Use:office
  4. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre: Guangzhou, 530 meters, completed in 2016. Use: hotel/res/office
  5. Shanghai World Financial Centre: Shanghai, 492 meters, completed in 2008. Use: hotel/office
  6. International Commerce Centre: Hong Kong, 484 meters, completed in 2010. Use: hotel/office
  7. Zifeng Tower: Nanzing, 450 meters, completed in 2010. Use: hotel/office
  8. KK10: Shenzhen, 441.8 meters, ,completed 2011. Use: hotel/office
  9. Guangzhou international Finance Centre: Guangzhou, 438.6 meters, completed in 2010. Use: hotel/office
  10. Marina 101: Dubai, 425 meters, completed in 2017. Use: hotel/res

In US where no skyscrapers with height more than 300 meters have been constructed since many years, many skyscrapers with height more than 400 meters are under construction.



The Sunway TaihuLight is the fastest supercomputer as of November 2017 ranked number one in the Top500 list. It has a speed of 93 petaflops on LINPACK benchmark rating (1 petaflop=10 raised by 15) . FLOP stands for “floating point per second”.
It is in China and was designed by National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering And Technology. It is located at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi in Jiangsu province of China.
China beat the US in global rankings done by website Top500 which tracks the supercomputers. Benchmark tests are done by experts from Germany and US.
Some 202 supercomputers are in China as compared to 143 in US. China leads not only in numbers but aggregate computing power.

List of top 5 is as under

  1. Sunway TaihuLight……. China
  2. Tianhe-2 (Milky way-2)….. China
  3. Piz Daint… Switzerland
  4. Gyoukou…… Japan
  5. Titan…….USA

The fastest supercomputer is being used in climate modelling and science research.


Western powers have monopolized the nuclear power and weapons. Russia and US hold 92% of the resources. Treaties like CTBT discriminate against the rest of the countries who want to use nuclear resources even for peaceful purposes. India has not signed this treaty. Supply of nuclear materials is controlled by Nuclear Supplies Group (NSG) which is largely controlled by US and Russia and puts discriminatory conditions on developing nations.This is why they are bitterly opposing nuclear tests by North Korea who is not toeing to their line.
Here are statistics

No. of nuclear tests:

US: 1030

USSR Russia: 715

France: 210

UK: 45

China: 45

North Korea: 6

India: 3

Pakistan: 2

Nuclear Inventory

Russia: 7000

US: 6800

France: 300

China: 270

UK: 215

Pakistan: 125

India: 115

Israel: 80

Nobel Prizes: USA far ahead in tally

There is no doubt that USA laps up the talent from all over the world. US leads the tally of Nobel prize winners which were introduced in 1901 and Economics prize introduced in 1968. Since then 585 Nobel prizes have been awarded to 922 winners out of which only 49 are women.
Youngest and oldest

Youngest person to receive the Nobel is Malala Yousafzai who received it at the age of 17 years in 2014. Although she belongs to Pakistan, her country may hardly be happy over her winning it. Oldest Nobel laureate is Leonid Hurwicz of US who received the Nobel in 2004 for economics at the age of 90 years.
Countries at the top of list.

357 total

Chemistry: 73

Economics: 55

Literature: 12

Peace: 22

Physics: 94

Medicine: 101

115 total

Chemistry: 29

Economics: 10

Literature: 9

Peace: 9

Physics: 26

Medicine: 32

82 total

Chemistry: 29

Economics: 8

Literature: 1

Peace: 4

Physics: 23

Medicine: 17

57 total

Chemistry: 8

Economics: 2

Literature: 15

Peace: 8

Physics: 13

Medicine: 11

33 total

Chemistry: 5

Economics: 2

Literature: 9

Peace: 5

Physics: 4

Medicine: 8
Major areas of research leading to Nobel 

In physics is particle physics and in chemistry is biochemistry. Research in genetics most hot topic and in economics it is micro economics.
Nobel winners of Indian origin 
Ronald Ross: Medicine 1902

Rabindranath Tagore: Literature 1913

C.V.Raman: Physics in 1930

Hargobind Khurana: Medicine in 1968

Mother Teresa: Peace in 1979

Subramanyan Chandrasekhar: Physics in 1983

Amartya Sen: Economics in 1998

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan: Chemistry in 2009

Kailash Satyarthi: Peace in 2014

Melting of Glaciers: Is the doomsday so near?

This is what Dr.Pachauri said about the IPCC during his Nobel Prize speech.

The IPCC produces key scientific material that is of the highest relevance to policy making, and is agreed word-by-word by all governments, from the most skeptical to the most confident. This difficult process is made possible by the tremendous strength of the underlying scientific and technical material included in the IPCC reports.

The Panel was established in 1988 through a resolution of the UN General Assembly. One of its clauses was significant in having stated, “Noting with concern that the emerging evidence indicates that continued growth in atmospheric concentrations of “greenhouse” gases could produce global warming with an eventual rise in sea levels, the effects of which could be disastrous for mankind if timely steps are not taken at all levels”. This means that almost two decades ago the UN was acutely conscious of the possibility of disaster consequent on climate change through increases in sea levels. Today we know much more, which provides greater substance to that concern.

I think Dr.Pachauri forgot about these qualities when the reports about the melting of Himalayan glaciers during a mere 35 years period were used to boost the claims of environment disaster and imminent dooms day. Is Kalki the purported tenth avatar of Vishnu will be here so soon to deliver the world from misery, sins and hell like situation? He resisted making an apology for months together and is now defending by saying IPCC generally accepts the reports and research papers after peer reviews and it has mistake in this case by overlooking the reviewing by peer.

Whatever good or bad happens in an institution is the responsibility of the person heading it, though he may not be able to go through every report personally. The person has to be ready to face the brickbats graciously if he is eager to lap the bouquets. It is surprising to note that he has been able to garner support from different quarters like prime minister of India and other vested interests in US and Europe. The conclusions of the report were so startling and sweeping as to make it absolutely necessary for through  review of the report by the experts before accepting it.

Nothing happens in nature so suddenly a burst. Time of natural processes runs in millions of years. Even to deposit 1 meter deep layer of soil on the earth may take thousands of years. Nature has its own safety mechanisms to protect it from the wrong doing by external celestial bodies and living things on it. Though Darwin’s theory of evolution has been modified from time to time that the change may not be uniformly gradual after all, that their are burst of extreme activity followed by periods of hiatus but these periods of intense activity are not one the scale of decades but thousands of years.

It is well known fact that drilling of earth for finding hydrocarbons is a very expensive and risky business. It is due to the fact that geologist who delineate the buried strata to give possible clues about the location of hydrocarbons pools can often make mistakes and target can be offset by hundred of meters speaks about our inability to understand the nature’s process. Even calculations based on the rate of burial are not fool proof.

It is an established fact that industrial growth, rich living style are the key factors which consume lot of energy and thus contribute amply to addition of heat, green house gases to the climate. Thus the developed countries of Europe and USA are to be blamed for the mess we are in. Since they have developed themselves and are unhappy about the way other under developed countries are on the path of development. So they now bring out the ploys like global warming and melting of the icebergs on the mountains. The bodies like IPCC are the fronts they use for their propaganda. To make their concerns genuine, they have put up an person from developing country as its president. The affluent nations have devised means like carbon credits to deter the third world countries from developing into industrial field. They will go on doing the damage but distribute it on the whole world by compensating the developing nations by buying their credits of carbon.

Imagine, if the report saying that by2035 all the snow will melt from Himalayan glaciers. In our own life time, there will be floods and India will submerge under water. No body is denying that tinkering with nature results in disasters. But even in India since ancient times, nature is worshiped. Pagan culture, as the westerns call it, is about becoming one with the nature. But if a country  progresses in a lopsided manner without taking into consideration to compensate the damage to nature by using means like provision of CO2 sinks in the form of planting more and more trees, underground storage or fixing by reacting it with minerals underground, the disaster is bound to happen. Everyone wants to make fast buck and throws caution and concerns to winds while setting up the factories and constructing buildings blocking the natural pathway of the sea. No body I think is unaware of the fact what happened in Mumbai floods. These were caused by the reckless construction activity in the already cramped place. The network of channels created by the sea with lots of mangroves are used as the safety mechanisms for prevention of floods. All these channels have been filled up and buildings have been constructed on it making the soil to loose its water absorbing capacity by dividing into isolated underground tanks beneath the buildings. The result is for all to see. Any person with average intelligence can logically understand this, he does not require the lessons from international bodies.

By the way, this year’s winter has been record breaking in many parts of the world. The temperatures have gone beyond the records. Was it an aberration on the part of nature or the nature’s ploy to make us complacent about the global warming.  If we continue to plant trees, they will take care of CO2 by growing faster and in turn providing us with more food, timber and oxygen. The crops with short life cycle are the best candidates for this in contrast to the older trees which does not grow much and need low amounts of CO2 to make their food.

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