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Blissful Morning

The sky is a coppery hue, The birds are chirping in the trees, The temple bells are tolling true, The cool breeze blows through me. I sit on the steps of the temple, And close my eyes and pray, For peace and happiness to dwell, In my heart each and every day. The sun is rising in the east, The sky is turning a golden hue, The birds are singing their morning song, And the world seems new. I open my eyes and smile, For this is a beautiful day, A day to be grateful for, And to live each… Read More »Blissful Morning

It was a Sunny Morning in Dehradun

I am a regular morning walker and usually out at around 15 minutes to Six in the morning. Usually I am alone for most of the time when out but sometimes some of my colleagues come across and we talk about the olden times. It is the early September. The monsoon rains which usually abate in this month have not receded. The monsoon has played truant in its regular months of July and August but has picked up now in September when it was time to go away. The children shall sing now “rain rain go away”. Usually after mid… Read More »It was a Sunny Morning in Dehradun

Chemistry behind Skin Tanning

People in Asia and Africa where plenty of sunshine is available and weather is hot have a auburn or darker skin. This is because of production of a chemical called melanin in the skin and making it look brown or dark. In Europe, particularly the Northern parts, there is hardly any Sun to be seen for most of period of the year. Due to the shortage of melanin, the color of the skin is white or what is called fair. Most people are not satisfied with whatever God has given to them. For example, the people in India want to… Read More »Chemistry behind Skin Tanning


River of Time flows eternally, It never swells, it never dries, It is always the same, Unchanging It was here before Universe, It was here before Earth, Stars & Moon, It does not care, it does not mind, It never complains It shall be here rest assure, When we shall be gone, Our moon, Sun & stars shall be switched off, It shall flow eternally, It shall never grow old, It was, is and shall be stoic as ever. Time is the greatest of All.

God is a Child

O God, Sometimes, I think, You are a child, Who scatters the stars, Across the fields of sky, Then, one by one, gather them all, by morn and put them in a bag, Which shines forth and becomes Sun And you carry the bag, From East to West Never you seem tired or bored Never You seem to care What others think You are stoic You are eternal You are benevolent You never cease to surprise

Ultima Thule : Floating Snowman

NASA space craft “The New Horizons” flew past it and beamed it’s clear photo back. Ultima Thule is said to be the oldest and farthest celestial body discovered via a telescope in 2014. The earlier picture taken by a telescope was a blurry one showing the body as one oblong shaped. But new picture taken by spacecraft is very clear. It shows that Thule is made up of two ice lobes gravitating towards one another making it look like a Snowman. Picture has been taken from a distance of 27000 kilometers with a resolution of 140 meters per pixel. Thule… Read More »Ultima Thule : Floating Snowman

Plants are very Smart Indeed

Plants are very smart, efficient and unforgiving in the energy management. Unlike the animals, who cannot regrow their limbs, plants see to it that inefficient leaves are cast off and replaced by new efficient one’s so that the food making machine continue to run smoothly. The leaves make the food by combining carbon dioxide and water in the presence of chlorophyll which shepherds the energy from sun and store it in the plant. Animals make use of this energy by eating the plant parts. This pigment imparts green color to the leaves and masks the faint colors of other chemicals… Read More »Plants are very Smart Indeed

Short but Beautiful Life

It is not necessary that a long age is always full of eventful life. Sometimes a short life can be eventful and spread happiness within a short span. One such case is the flowers of Barringtonia tree. These trees bear red colored jellyfish like tiny flowers in bunches from the racemes. There are about ten trees near our home and in every morning a great spectacle unfolds. These flowers have a very short lifespan. They are on the branches for 4-5 hours only. They bloom in the night. The buds bulbs swell in the evening and flowers come out. By… Read More »Short but Beautiful Life

Creating a mini sun on the earth: ITER

Of all kinds of energies, the heat energy is most disorganised. This is because heat energy is the reflection of speeds and collisions of the atoms. Third law of thermodynamics states that entropy of universe is always increasing. Since entropy of a system is the measure of randomness or chaos, this means all kinds of energies when used for doing useful work waste a part in the form of heat energy. Most of the stars are made of hydrogen. It is the fuel that they burn everyday to produced light and heat. Hydrogen atoms exist in 3 forms called isotopes… Read More »Creating a mini sun on the earth: ITER

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