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Thinking Brain hogs more Energy

Though human brain accounts for less than 2% by weight, it is a energy hog. About 20% of all the energy used by our body is consumed by our brain. This is because brain cells are always at work. Even while you sleep, much of your brain is busy managing your body’s physiological and biochemical operations. Brain uses neurotransmitters for sending and receiving the commands and messages to the organs of the body. Like the head honcho of a company, it is always thinking to run the body trouble free and thus constantly consumes more energy. Not only that, the energy requirements of different parts of the brain may differ depending on the nature of work they do.

So it logical to assume that the activities which require more thinking may require the brain to consume more energy. Researcher Tim Forrester, from Cannyminds website, explained: “‘Our brains require 0.1 calories every minute simply to survive. ‘When we do something challenging such as a puzzle or a quiz we can burn through 1.5 calories every minute”.  The brain extracts sugar three-quarters of sugar glucose, available calories and a fifth of oxygen from the blood to create neurotransmitters.So doing difficult crosswords or challenging Sudokus means your brain will crave more glucose and more calories too, added Mr Forrester. This means that if you spent two hours doing puzzles, you would have used 180 calories – which is more than are contained in a creme egg (173) or a bag of Hula Hoops (175), and only slightly less than in a pint of beer (182). Brain extracts energy from glucose only because it is easy to burn unlike the fats which take much longer to breakdown and provide the energy. So although doing puzzles and solving Soduko can burn carbohydrate energy but still you require exercise and work to melt away the extra fat.


Trying to Make a Beginning

It has been a long time since I put any words on the paper. Always I try and finds myself blank. There are many reasons. I waste my time of facebook and long to see those red circles reminding me about messages and comments. I try to read the book “White Mughals” which describes in detail about the lives of East India Company people in India, especially those which were residents in the courts of Mogul Kings, Deccan Kings, Pune and Hyderabad especially the Nizam. One such central figure in the book is John Kirkpatrick who was the resident in Nizam of Hyderabad. The military man was so much under the spell of India that he almost lived like a Muslim prince. He smoked a hookah, arranged for the nautch girls and married an Muslim girl called Khair-Un-Nissa for which he had to pay a very heavy price. The book also describes how Welsley colluded with Nizam and defeated and killed the Tipu Sultan in Shrirangapatam.

The book by William Dalrymple is highly researched. But I am not able to stick and concentrate on it or rather on any one thing. Sometimes I think about doing some scientific work like writing some paper but that too demands concentration and sitting determined on the data. I again drift somewhere. I see & listen some music videos on the youtube. Also I watch the old programmes which are shown on the DD Bharti which was the only channel available in Indian few years ago when television had made its entry in India. These programs are very good in content though technology is not so good as is expected in the beginning days.

I wake up early in the morning and go out for a walk. There also I carry on the burden of thoughts with me. Thoughts never cease and I sometimes myself lagging behind the other walkers and then I realise that I have been thinking and in the process of ideation. There are somethings about which I cannot do anything and find myself so helpless. I don’t know why some people don’t have any sensitivity towards the feelings of others. They blissfully ignore but never say two words of affection and love.

I am almost addicted to filling the crossword. It comes in the Mirror magazine and is not too much difficult. With some cheating and my own efforts I am able to complete it. But I find that many words and the names of  places which it often repeats does not come back easily. Then I also complete the Sudoku daily. On the average it takes about 7 to 8 minutes to complete. Then there are very funny tidbits in the Times of India paper which it claims to be scientific breakthrough. You can laugh at the methodology and the conclusions drawn from it. These are very funny indeed.

Anyway, I have again tried to write after so many days. Hope this will continue.