Teacher’s Day

On every 5th of September we celebrate Teacher’s Day. It was started in India by the students of Dr. Radhakrishnan first vice president of India, a famous scholar and professor.

Who is the teacher??

When we hear or talk about this word we usually refer to teacher who taught us in school, college or university. But this is an incomplete definition. Our first teachers are our parents. We go to educational institutions to learn and take degrees which are required for getting employment. We are taught different trades by the persons whom we call our teachers. This imparting of knowledge to us by the teacher builds a respect and a sense of reverence for the person the teacher.

Degrees are not everything. The true teacher is one who inculcate good manners, love for elders, children and nature in us. He must strive to make his pupils better citizens which are ready to serve the humanity.

Everything in nature teaches us something provided we are having the inclination for getting lessons from the nature. A tree for example teaches us to give comfort to the others without seeking anything in return. A farmer can teach us the virtue of patience because everything in nature happens as per the rules laid down by the nature. Nature never hurries but archives everything.

So we find that we can learn a thing or two from everything. So everything or everyone can be our teacher. Even a child teaches us the value of abandoning all the stresses and worries and enjoy.

Merely becoming getting a job and doing it without love and compassion is not enough. For example doctors with degrees used poisonous gases to kill people in Nazi camps The education they got from their teachers which as supposed to serve the people was used for unethical crimes.

Today’s students will become tomorrow’s teachers. The occupation of a teacher is not a easy thing it is a great responsibility.

Counting the Sheeps!!!

Counting the imaginary sheeps in a herd crossing the fence of the pen one by one is one of the techniques for sleep induction.

There are so many people who don’t experience peaceful rejuvenating sleep. Main reason for sleeplessness in the modern world is workplace and at home stress, cutthroat competition to make a niche in the earning world. Another reason is the hectic lifestyle which leaves little time for exercise and relaxation.

Look at a peasant!! He works all day and fall asleep as soon as hits the bed. He eats and sleep without thinking about the calories. But many other professions especially in the urban areas which leave the people mentally exhausted.

Sleep is an mechanism made by God and fitted in the brains of humans. It is an safety valve to relieve the mind of the daytime stress, repair the body and rejuvenate us.

Insomnia is a big problem in the modern world. There are many types of sleep problems such as insomnia, snoring or sleep apnea, parasomnias, sleep paralysis and restless legs syndrome to name a few.

Many techniques are tried to induce sleep. Many are connected to the body like messaging etc. Others are mental devices. One of these which has ingrained in human minds is Counting the Sheeps.

This is not counting the actual sheep but imagining the sheep herd jumping over the fence one by one. You are counting them crossing. The theory behind the counting sheep exercise is that the simple, rhythmic, and repetitive nature of the visualization helps people sleep.

Counting the sheep

But does counting sheep actually put a person to sleep? Many experiments have been conducted which compare these techniques. Another is the imagining oneself near waterfall listening to the soothing sounds. The technique work only in few people. But when a person becomes frustrated, he will try anything.

There are many ads which tout their product winning over Counting the sheep.

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