Arm Candy!!

Candy is not sweet with sugar as main ingredients. Candies are loved by children. But there are also different types of candies formed by adding a word before the word candy. The famous 3 are

  • Ear Candy
  • Eye Candy
  • Arm Candy

The Ear Candy refers to any musical song which is easy. It sounds sweet initially but it is not long lasting. It’s popularity fades very soon. The phrase began with LP of same name in 1977 by Helen Reddy. It was termed as easy listening bland music.

Eye Candy seems obvious. It began with a review of TV show “Three’s is a company” In March 1978 by The Oakland Tribune a review which it derided for its gratuitous, sexually titillating content.

Arm Candy is the third. It is defined as an especially attractive date, escort or other companion to a special event. Called “arm candy” because one locks arms with their “candy” (valuable possession) when they enter. A popular connotation of arm candy is a date that someone is using not to enjoy their company, but simply to appear important, wealthy or worthy of attention

It started and refers to the role of Marilyn Monroe then a small time actress when she appeared in a movie called”All about the Eve” in 1992 opposite George Sanders.

The critic Marcia Froelke Coburn, of The Chicago Tribune’s about no other than Marilyn Monroe. In August 1992, described as “She’d already had mini-roles in eight movies when she turned up as George Sanders’ Arm Candy in the party scenes of this film.”

Some Examples of Arm Candy
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