Again Seem to have lost my bearings

It is many days. I am procrastinating, putting the things on the back burner. There seems to be no definite clear cut path. It seems I am standing at circle whence from innumerable paths issue in all directions. Which one to follow, I am in utter confusion. I cry for help but it is like crying in a dream. You cannot even speak only your muscles are twitching . You don’t even know because no one ever comes to soothe you. I feel helpless because things are not in my control.

I go to bed with so many unresolved problems. I try to imagine that when I arise next day all my problems shall be gone. I shall be like a newborn baby who has a clean slate of life to begin with. I shall cast off the dead skin of problems and issues from my mind and reborn again: free, innocent and almost closest to the God.

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