At Least,Let Me Try

Let me go wayward. Let me become lost. Let me forget the path which is known to all and has become very much the part of the life. It affords nothing new, there is no curiosity and excitement walking it.

Let me take the path which as Robert Frost said is the path less trodden. The woods may have become denser still like a green solid wall. Under bush may be feeling throttled by giants in seeking the elixir of life that is sun.

May be I will be able to carve out a new path instead of beating the already much trodden path. We have to sacrifice something, forgo the life which has fallen into a rut. We have to take risks else you will always be wiser only by evening and revert to your deeply ingrained habits. Sometimes you have to do things which the other people think madness.

At least let me try. Even if I fail, I don’t have much at stake. Let me come out of the morass.

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