Geek Vocabulary for Breakups 

Social websites and apps for online chat have taken the world by storm. Technological advances in providing the internet on the mobile phones have enabled the people to be in touch all the time. Sometimes it is even not possible to avoid this connection.

People express their feelings and display their achievements to the world on the social sites. They post photos and selfies and update their statuses continuously. Many people have met through these social websites, had got married and many have been cheated.

People these days are always in haste and hence a distinct lingo is developing for texting. A whole new vocabulary has also born and is rapidly expanding.

When there are breakups among the people especially the celebrities in the West, then go through avoidance, showing the “i don’t care” attitude. Here are some geek terms connected to this breakup phase.


The term is concatenation of Phone and snubbing. When you’re in the company of your other half and they spend most of their time on the phone. New research suggests that 22.6% say it causes conflict and 36.6% say it has made them feel depressed.


The ultimate silent treatment When your partner ignores you completely and inexplicably cuts off all contact with you and becomes totally hidden.


If your partner wants to avoid an awkward conversation, they’ll slowly start avoiding you. Not as severe as ghosting, they will dramatically cut down calls and texts. And don’t expect more than a few words when they do respond to your SMS messages.


When one of the partners especially the female, channelises her frustration energy and go to gym and tones are body. This is to make the ex partner to repent and look for himself what he has lost by breaking up.


A good old-fashioned breakup in which two famous people announce in the press their breakup. This is the classic mode to tell the world as if world is caring for such useless news.


Capitalizing on the fads of rich, some people have become coaches to guide their lives and help the rich to visualise the dream partner.

There is this Social Slang website which gives the information about the whole lingo prevailing on the social media.

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