Window to Vista

You are sitting in room enclosed in the walls. You long to know and feel the open world. You crane your neck but nothing helps. Why do you long to go outside? This is because you have created inside the room a world of your own.

You are the architect of that world. You have changed the ambiance of the room to make it to your own liking and comfort. But at the same time, you want to savor the nature or the world outside.

You open the window. Now a sliver of the nature is within your grasp. You can see an occasional person walking through the street, a tree along the edge of street. Now you are identifying yourself with the nature and its creator by appreciating the scene outside.

You become restless. You throw open the door and rush outside. Now you are under the limitless skies. You see trees outside, you see children playing in the streets. You see the toddlers holding the hands of their mothers and reluctantly walking along making efforts in between to climb into the lap of their mothers. You see people going for their chores.

Now you are one with the creation of the nature. You are a part of the grand scheme of the God. Now when you have dissolved your identity into the vista, you enjoy the nature. You have to lose your identity to be one with the God.