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Mind and Body

Whereas Body is a physical entity, mind is very difficult to understand. Definitely it is not a physical entity like our body is . It may be considered as a metaphysical thing. Still these are interconnected. Condition of one influences the other. Everyone must have heard things like that if the mind is strong then it has a positive effect on the body. Mind is more powerful and directs the body actions most of the time. If the mind is strong it can make the body achieve the unimaginable.

I think our personality is the sum of our body and mind. I have seen an example that when old age comes, when the body begins to become weaker, some people try to compensate this loss by making their mind strong. They can become more aggressive in mind.

These are my views and can be at variance with others.

Smell’s Database

For all their lives the dogs are curious and ready to lap up the smells. They never tire of adding and updating records into their smell database. But unlike us who are most clumsy in forgetting and making use of databases, who make the data base only when lots of data lies here and there becoming unmanageable. They on the other hand, make best use of this repertoire. You can always find them smelling, smelling and smelling.

In fact if a dog is not curious about smells, it is quite true that he/she is ill.