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Tajdar Junaid

Tajdar Junaid is an Indian musician, composer, and producer. He has worked on a number of films and television shows, including Mukti Bhawan (2016), The President (2014), and Before Life After Death (2022). He has also released two albums, What Colour Is Your Raindrop (2012) and Minus One Season 2 (Original Series Soundtrack) (2017). Just lately he has a video with Coke Studio of India entitled “Das main ki pyar vich khatya” featuring Punjabi Sufi singer Kanwar Grewal, Amira Gill and Deveshi Sehgal. Junaid was born in Mumbai, India, and began his musical career as a guitarist in a rock… Read More »Tajdar Junaid

Internet Data is Mind Boggling

Scale of data generated and used is astronomical in the internet. It becomes fruitless to figure out this on yearly, monthly even day basis. The scale is so mammoth that even 1 minute data will send your head spinning. What happens in 1 minute on internet  Facebook: 9,00,000 logins Whatsapp: 16 million text messages sent YouTube: 4.1 million videos viewed Google Play Store: 34200 app downloaded Instagram: 46200 posts updated Twitter: 452000 tweets Tinderbox: 990000 swipes Emails sent: 156 millions Spotify: 40000 hrs listened Amazon Echo: 50 devices shipped Linkedin: 120 new accounts opened GIFs sent via Messenger: 15000 Snapchat:… Read More »Internet Data is Mind Boggling

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