Snails are called Escargots in French language. Escargots is a dish made from land snails. In France this dish is eaten as starters. You might be thinking humans can eat such a thing.

But the snail dishes have been eaten since ancient times. In fact, Romans prized this dish as the dish worthy of Gods.

In addition to France, snails are eaten in Nagaland of India. Cyprus, Malta, Crete, Tunisia, and many other countries where escargots are eaten.

Not all the snails are edible. For example in France the species Hellix Pomatia is used. Escargots are very rich in proteins and very low in fat. These are used in food and fashion industries. The slime has healing properties and is used in cosmetic industry.

Snail dish from Nagaland India

You will be surprised to know that consumption is considerable and snails are reared in snail farms. The art of the raising the snails in commercial quantities is called Heliciculture. In these facilities, snails are fed in a way so as to make them edible