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Top Indian Techies in US

There is a saying in Microsoft, Google and just about any other tech company in the US, if you throw a stone there is a very good chance that you will hit an Indian. As we know that two Indians are in the race to become the global CEO of software giant Microsoft. One is the insider Satya Nadella who is in charge of Cloud computing and is with for 22 years. Another fellow is Sundar Pichai whose name has also surfaced for the CEO of Microsoft in today’s newspapers in addition to the insider Satya Nadella. It is all Indian affair. Chennai versus Hyderbad. Sundar seems better in terms of software development with Chrome browser which merges the Google’s legendary search with browser’s text box for typing website URLs, Android which has taken mobile with a storm and has in the process almost routed Nokia, Google drive-storage space at Google servers and integration of Google toolbar with other browsers like Firefox and Internet explorer. Satya on the other hand handles entrepreneurial affairs and heads the Cloud computing technology. It is improbable that Google shall let go such a talent as Sundar and also Microsoft generally chooses the people who are insiders. So chances of Satya being appointed Global CEO are better. In any case, it is a matter of pride for India.

Nadella, who has been with Microsoft 12 years longer than Pichai at Google, is as clued in on the enormity of the challenge that faces Microsoft.
Other Indians who are doing brilliantly are:
1. Vinod Khosla: co-founder of Sun Microsystems
2. Romesh Wadhwani: Symphony Technology Group
3. Gururaj Deshpande: Sycamore Networks
4. Pradeep Sindhu: Juniper Networks
5. Bharat Desai: Syntel
6. Padmasree Warrior: Cisco
7. Nikesh Arora: Senior VP at Google
8. Vivek Gundotra: Google+
9. Sanjay Mehrotra: co founder Sandisk

Highs and Lows of Microsoft

Microsoft brought the computing to the common person. Heavy use of graphical icons (GUI) has made it simple and by exploiting the visible cues brought it into the applications which are very useful. It has obliterated the type writers out of existence and rendered them as relics through its product Microsoft word. I remember how cumbersome it was to use the type writer. Its output was like the live performance of an artist in which there are no retakes. Now one can store the file and edit it to no ends till the owner is satisfied. One can edit, add and remove the text. In fact whole suite of Microsoft office forms the backbone of office chores these days.


On the other hand, working in the DOS operating system was not easy and required good memory to remember the commands to access the files and applications were few. The very fact that Windows OS has made the use of computer very easy has also given the hackers easy access to exploit and continuously play the deadly games with the Windows based computing by spreading viruses.

Microsoft has seen many high and many low phases in its life. In fact now it has become an underdog from top dog. Many formidable competitors like Apple and Google have surged forward and closing on the Microsoft. Here is a list of highs and lows:

High Points

1. MS-DOS : Although termed as Dirty Operating System by rivals, this was the path breaking step and also the beginning of software licensing.

2. Ms-Office: Flagship of office products like Word, Excel and Powerpoint is inseparable part of any office work. The product is improving with each new version.

3. Windows 95: First standalone Windows OS. It is the foundation on which all the successive versions were built.

4. Windows XP: Best loved version of Windows. Stable and worked using minimum resources of memory and data storage device.


1. Windows Vista: Poorest performer. Bloatware, hogged large resources. Very poor support for the hardware drivers. Very mention of it made the users livid.

2. Windows ME: People have even forgotten this and many even don’t know this ever existed. It lasted just one year.

3. Zune: Pitted against the iPod of Apple. But the effort came too late and Apple is ahead by 4-5 years.

Ranking vis-a-vis other players as per fortune 500

Ranking 2013

Apple          :6

Microsoft   : 35

Google        :55

Pepsico       :43

Facebook   : 482

Revenue 2013 ($ billions)

Apple          :171

Microsoft   : 78

Google        :50

Pepsico       :65

Facebook   : 8

Market Cap ($ billions)

Apple          :450

Microsoft   : 312

Google        :394

Pepsico       :124

Facebook   : 153

Profit 2013 ($ billions)

Apple          :37

Microsoft   : 22

Google        :11

Pepsico       :6

Facebook   : 1.5

Window to Vista

You are sitting in room enclosed in the walls. You long to know and feel the open world. You crane your neck but nothing helps. Why do you long to go outside? This is because you have created inside the room a world of your own. You are the architect of that world. You have changed the ambiance of the room to make it to your own liking and comfort. But at the same time, you want to savor the nature or the world outside.

You open the window. Now a sliver of the nature is within your grasp. You can see an occasional person walking through the street, a tree along the edge of street. Now you are identifying yourself with the nature and its creator by appreciating the scene outside.

You become restless. You throw open the door and rush outside. Now you are under the limitless skies. You see trees outside, you see children playing in the streets. You see the toddlers holding the hands of their mothers and reluctantly walking along making efforts in between to climb into the lap of their mothers. You see people going for their chores.

Now you are one with the creation of the nature. You are a part of the grand scheme of the God. Now when you have dissolved your identity into the vista, you enjoy the nature. You have to lose your identity to be one with the God.