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Dean Mahomet: The founder of First Curry in UK

Dean Mahomet is credited with being the first Indian to open a Curry House in UK in the year 1810 and it was called Hindoostane Coffee House. It was situated in George Street of central London. It introduced Hookah in England and served Indian culinary dishes. The premises is now a building called Carlton House. To many who are now part of the city’s expansive curry house business, Mahomet was a pioneer Mr Mahomed’s plan had been to serve “Indianised” British food which would appeal to the Indian aristocracy in London as well as British people who had returned from… Read More »Dean Mahomet: The founder of First Curry in UK

Ten Worst Mistakes in History

Everyone makes mistakes but the following fatal mistakes caused huge losses to the individuals or companies. These mistakes are mostly of financial nature. These were published in the Economics Times of India. Here is the countdown No.1: Turning down J.K Rowling: 12 publishing houses rejected Harry Potter’s manuscript before Bloomsbury took her on the advice of company chairman daughter. Rowling has earned $ 1 billion till now No.2 Throwing away that Bitcoin portfolio: James Howells bought 7500 bitcoins in 2009 when their value was next to nothing. The stock value rose to $911 per Bitcoin in 2013 giving James Howells… Read More »Ten Worst Mistakes in History

From VT to Thane

The suburban railways are the lifeline of Mumbai’s transport network. The system is divided into three different sections serving the Mumbai and suburbs. These are Western, Central and Harbor railway lines. Today about 7 million people travel by the suburban trains daily to their work place in the city and back to their homes. The trains are overcrowded during the rush hours with people packed like sardines. A person has to be physically agile and fit for boarding the train in the morning hours. During rush hours, even with the trains running at 2 to 3 minutes frequency, the platforms… Read More »From VT to Thane

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