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Shaheen Falcon: An Extraordinary Bird

Shaheen Falcon is an endemic species of Peregrine Falcon. It resides here permanently except a small distance migration. I as an wildlife explorer, have keenly observing this royal Bird . There is area consisting of fields, bounded by a river on one side and a forest on the other. There are water bodies in between where many water birds reside. Although I been lucky to spot it and photographed it quite a number of times, my true observations started when the paddy in the fields ripened prompting hundreds of pigeons to descend on the harvested fields. Shaheen Falcon are on… Read More »Shaheen Falcon: An Extraordinary Bird

Winter is becoming Intense

Except for a few sporadic appearance of clouds, the days begin with very bright mornings. The day breaks late. The sun comes out only at about seven o’clock although the darkness begins to melt into grey and then visible by half past six . The sky which looks black before sunlight begins to take on bluish hue. There are groups of birds flying over against a clear sky. Cranes fly in groups to a river nearby to remain there all day and forage for food in the icy cool waters of the river. They can be seen returning in the… Read More »Winter is becoming Intense

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