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A scapegoat is an innocent person who is made to take the take the blame for the wrongdoings done by others. For example, when a child breaks something in the home and blame is passed by him onto one of his siblings before the parents. In the world of crime, there are persons who bear the blame for the crime done by some other prominent member of the gang. This is done in order to keep the major part of the gang free and to carry on the activities unhindered. Origin of Scapegoat? The origin of the term is from… Read More »Scapegoat

Lines of Kismet

The lines in my palms are very complicated labyrinth maze. They criss-cross, abruptly come to end, began again after some gap to resume their journey; some of them are like a rope with frayed threads at many places. We call these the lines of fortune or Kismet. Lines, they say showcase your life: past, present and future but we don’t have perfect software to delineate the hidden meaning behind them. Who knows that the lines we see are actually palimpsests; there may be lines hidden underneath the visible lines containing even better secrets of my life! More complicated the line… Read More »Lines of Kismet

Jews in India

People have been migrating to different places in search of better resources for living a better life. In India people from Arabian countries, Iran, China have come and settled here. There are four distinct Jewish group live in India: 1.Bene Israel 2.Cochin Jews 3.Sephardic Jews and 4.Baghdadi Jews. Bene Israel Jews are said to have descended from the Jews who reached India’s West coast in second Century after they fled from persecution in Galilee. They live mostly in Panvel, Ali Baug and Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and Ahmedabad. They say their ancestors were “Oil-Pressers” in Galil. Those which live in Panvel,… Read More »Jews in India

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