The earth asked for it. The trees and plants asked and pined for it. Birds and animals looked to the skies asking for the rains. All of them were parched and prayed helplessly to the God to quench their thirst, to wash them and rejuvenate.

During the summers, it was torrid hot and not a single cloud is seen in the sky. Then the clouds began to appear mostly in the morning and moved away and vanished by the time sun was high up in the skies and blazing and spewing the hot fires.

Then the rains began in the earnest. Monsoon arrived. Whole of nature on the mother earth danced and enjoyed as the rains poured over them. Rains washed them and greenery began covering the naked earth. The hills nearby began looking beautiful with lush green color vegetation, mysterious clouds always hanging and kissing the hills. There is always a sheath of mist over the scene.

Torrents of the rains come and suddenly stop and again come suddenly. Everything is soaked in the rain. The rain God’s are showering the earth with interminable water. The trees are growing and it seems that earth is extending itself to physically meet the skies and love it intimately.

Sometimes, squally winds blow, the branches of the trees bend to the point of breaking. In fact, the older gnawed branches are torn off. These winds move the clouds here and there, mixing and separating the columns of clouds.

Within minutes the day is as dark as the night but the clouds do not make rains. Then suddenly, you hear a rumbling and a patter of the rain falling down far away and approaching you very fast.

The stars and moon pine to look at the earth but they are helpless before the clouds which have blanketed the earth. Only occasionally, stars and moon give us their glimpse for a moment.