These days, he is dreaming a dream. He is running away from his home. Though in reality, it is not his age to run but still he is running away, sprinting and panting. Some saint is trying to dissuade him but he does not listen though he feels guilty about not listening to him.

You cannot dream anything in sleep. There is a perfect reason behind the dreams though nobody has still found a perfect explanation. It is generally agreed that our subconscious mind is a repository of our suppressed and unfulfilled desires. Seams of such feelings continue to deposit and make sediments.

What we have stored in conscious mind is a tip of iceberg of what is stored in our subconscious mind. When we are are awake, conscious self of the mind keeps the thoughts which run contrary to the established norms of society under lease.

When we sleep, our subconscious mind takes control of our body and delves in fantasies; fantasies which use the stuff of unfilled desires to fulfill them in imagination.

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Where is he running to? Which direction he runs in dreams? and why?

Dreams are sultans. They can conjure anything for you. It is the way of subconscious mind to manifest itself through the dreams. In fact, the price paid by a person to conform to the norms of society in which he lives, to look alike the others, not in any manner be singled out except for praise, is very heavy.

We have to suppress so many thoughts that conscious mind is just like a small iceberg floating on the unfathomable sea of subconscious mind. Since the man is completely cut off from the society, the subconscious mind controls the body and tries to fulfill the unfulfilled desires albeit in fantasy. In a way this is safety valve and excessive load on the heart is vented off.

So, where is he running to in his dreams? You can make some guess because subconscious mind is trying to fulfill his desires which torment him when he is awake and so helpless as to satiate them. He is running towards east because the source of his desire is located in that direction. O, how he wishes that Freud have been living and help analyze his predicament more thoroughly.