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Defeated the Physical Disability

Here are some great players from cricketing world who did great despite their physical disabilities. They defeated their disabilities with determination. Cricketers who defeated their disabilities.

  1. Tony Grieg: Great all rounder was affected by epilepsy at the age of 12 due to an accidentally.
  2. Jonty Rhodes: From South Africa had a mild epilepsy as a kid.
  3. Shoaib Akhtar: Called the Rawalpindi Express, he was the fast bowler from Pakistan. He has Flat feet and hyperextension in joints causing swelling in knees.
  4. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi: Indian Captain lost his eye in a car accident at 20 years.
  5. Bhagwath Chandrasekhar: Chandrasekhar was a unorthodox leg spinner. Many batsman couldn’t understood his leg spinners. This typical action was developed due to a withered right arm which was caused by polio.
  6. Len Hutton: During World War Second he was injured and after operations had asymmetrical arms.
  7. Martin Guptill: Martin Guptill is an opening batsman from New Zealand. He lost three toes on his left foot in a accident at the age of 13 but he is playing despite this handicap for 11 years.

Shaheen Falcon 

There is a forest near my home. It is maintained by Department of Forests. The department has converted a small portion of the forest into a Nature Park. I am a regular visitor to this park where sometimes very different birds make their appearance. One day, I was lucky to spot this beauty perched on the branch of a leafless tree.

It was sitting very patiently perhaps inviting me to take as many pictures as I liked. I took so many pictures. When I processed them, I had some confusion between Eurasian Hobby and Peregrine Falcon because the former was spotted many times by me.

But it turned out to be Shaheen Falcon juvenile.

The shaheen falcon with scientific name Falco peregrinus peregrinator is a subspecies of Peregrine Falcon. It is found mainly in the Indian subcontinent. Other common names for the subspecies include the Indian peregrine falcon, black shaheen falcon, black shaheen, Indian shaheen. It is a master hunter and usually takes the prey in the air. It can achieve horizontal speeds up to 240 kilometres per hour and when it descends, can attain a speed of 300 kilometres per hour.

Peregrine falcons were greatly prized by Mughal kings especially emperor Jahangir. It appears on the emblem of Pakistan Air Force. Pakistani cricket team is also nicknamed after this raptor.

Staring at me

In full glory