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Clarified Butter or Ghee

In India, clarified butter is the most eminent of all foods. It is mentioned in the Vedas as one of the most important ingredients along with honey for holy rituals. Aryans who entered into Punjab from the West were village dwellers and reared the cattle. This was in contrast to the stable city life the people of the Indus valley civilization lived before them. As the cattle herds required pastures for grazing, these people were always on the move and spread into whole of Punjab and then towards Ganges valley. Many stories and epics revolve around the possession of more… Read More »Clarified Butter or Ghee

Living Patterns

We, who live in cities, become tuned to comfortable life. We sleep without any worry. Security guards look after our homes when we are asleep. It is another matter that sometimes even they doze off jeopardizing our safety. We can immediately switch on the light if we require so. In cities the demarcation between day and night becomes blurred. If we feel hot, we switch on the fans or air conditioners. Our women don’t have to blow the pipes for making the fire to cook food. Most of the women though don’t cook food or clean the home. There are… Read More »Living Patterns

Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and dusk are the times when the day and the night lose their individualities and melt into one another. If a person has been in sleep and just rises up at dusk or dawn, it will be difficult for him to tell whether it is dawn or dusk. From the womb of dawn, day is born and from the womb of dusk night is born. This happens with an uncanny rotations. Other things like climate can change and show anomalous behavior but not the day and night. Day and night are events which are chasing one another but never… Read More »Dawn and Dusk

Cattle and Cattle Egrets

Cattle egrets generally live near the water bodies and in the meadows where cattle come for grazing. There is vacant piece of land in our home which is used by cattle mostly buffaloes for grazing. There are small pools of stagnant water in it. In the neighbourhood are fields which are cultivated round the year.  Here you can spot plenty of white Cattle Egrets. They seem to be meditating standing on one leg. At times they are completely inactive. But as soon as the cattle come for grazing, they become active. They fly from their posts and land near the… Read More »Cattle and Cattle Egrets

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