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Bird Watching

Bird watching is a hobby that involves observing and identifying different kinds of birds in their natural habitats. Bird watchers can enjoy the beauty and diversity of birds, learn about their behavior and ecology, and contribute to their conservation. Bird watching is said to be like meditation and mindfulness. A bird watcher gets drifted away from the day to day stresses. This break of mindfulness refreshes the mind and generates positive thoughts. Bird watching can be done anywhere, from one’s own backyard to remote wilderness areas. To start bird watching, one needs some basic equipment and skills. The most important… Read More »Bird Watching

GoPro Hero 10

GoPro or GoPRO Inc is an American Technology Company engaged in the manufacturing of Action Cameras. These cameras are for making stunning dynamic videos in which it captures the dynamic scenes like traveling, mountain climbing and underwater life in oceans. These cameras can take photos, make videos, time lapse videos. Bikers can fix these on their body using the accessories provided. Latest camera released by GoPro is GoPro Hero 10. It was launched in 16 September in 2021 in India. Camera is available here in India either in stores and also on Amazon and Flipkart. It costs around INR 50000/-.… Read More »GoPro Hero 10

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Technology Limited is a London based electronics company. It has come out with its first cellphone called Nothing Phone 1. Another product the company makes is electronic Bluetooth earbuds. What is the different from other phones? It’s the first phone with transparent backside. One can clearly peer inside. It has 50+50 MP rear camera. 256 GB storage. 6.55 inch full HD display. 12 GB RAM and Dual SIM. Supports upto 5G. It is available in white and black colours. The cellphone runs on Android operating system. The phone was launched in India on 12 July 2022 Another feature is… Read More »Nothing Phone 1

The Frustration Principle

When we observe the trees and plants around us, we find that even the plants of the same species bear different sizes and shapes. In fact no two trees are alike even if they are growing near one another. This is the result of the intense competition and many traits that trees have to face and acquire. Every tree tries to reproduce to propagate its lineage. For this it produces seeds. But this is not the end of the story. The seeds have to be broadcast away from the tree preferably to a place where the parent tree does not… Read More »The Frustration Principle


Dove is the symbol of peace. It is a very gentle bird. Although it resembles pigeon but unlike pigeons, it lives in the wild. During hot summer days here in North india, you can hear its voice among the trees. It comes down to search the seeds and prefers to sit on the branches of trees with sparse foliage. I located some of these sitting on one tree and using the newly purchased Canon SX60 hs camera, zoomed on them. Very difficult to still the hand during zoom but somehow managed to capture these pics. Hope you will like them.

The 7 million dollar cameraman

Legendary photographer and film producer, Mohinder Singh Dhillon, who is now eighty years old is fondly fondly called “The seven million dollar cameraman” due to his moving coverage of the Ugandan famine. His short clip has profound effect and instantly help raising 7 million dollars aid. He is Kenya’s leading film maker, Mohinder Dhillon, was knighted by the Order of Saint Mary of Zion during a ceremony at the Royal Artillery Headquarters in Woolwich, U.K. on November 12th 2005. Now he is writing his autobiography which is named aptly as “Death wish Dhillon” because of his daring exploits in the… Read More »The 7 million dollar cameraman

Custodian of the Past

One is surprised and awestruck at the single minded passion of the person. His name is Narinderpal Singh Panesar. He is 43 years old businessman and belongs to Ludhiana district in Punjab. He has the mind boggling collection of antiques which include rare coins, antique cameras, international currency notes and other materials. These are mostly related to Sikh history but in addition to all sorts of antiques. He has collected these in 30 years. He wishes to set up Sikh museum which shall have no parallel. His collection includes 55000 coins which belong to ancient, medieval, British India, Sikh misls of Maharaja… Read More »Custodian of the Past

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