Sitting Forlorn

It was yesterday evening past nine o’clock. I was sitting on a bench which stood near the bus stop opposite the shopping arcade. As it was the time when most of the people reach after a long journey to Mumbai.

So at this point of time time, very few people were roaming out. There was no movement in the air. The leaves were not stirring at all. The background looked like a still photo, static not dynamic with only some activity at the bottom of the picture.

One fellow was trundling home with a small bag of some eatables, he had preferably had few drinks outside because people at home must be putting resistance to it.

Four to five boys were sitting in the park and subject of their gossip was the mobile services and cards and refills.

Some people were waiting for the shift bus which arrived timely and took them away leaving the place again bereft of people.  Their were some mutts moving aimlessly here and there and following every persons who happen to pass by.