This Certainly is not Diwali

Today in India, people are celebrating the festival of Diwali, also called Dipawali. Diwali means the lighting of earthen lamps called Diyas. The festival commemorates the victory of good over evil. Light from a Diya is a symbol of enlightenment which dispels the evil represented by darkness or ignorance.

Diya or Earthen lamp

It is said that when Lord Rama alongwith his wife Sita and brother Laxman returned to Ayodhya his home after a banishment of 14 years, the populace was overjoyed and every place and house was decorated with lights. People thus welcomed their prince valiant.

So much for the mythology. Now this festival is not a festival but a suicidal mission. So much crackers are burnt creating a thick pal of smog over the cities. Noise is deafening. People particularly children burn crackers worth crores.

It seems as if some war is going on outside. The talk of eco-friendly or green Diwali is a sham. Even this government which makes so much hue cry about burning of stubble by farmers keeps quite.

Last year was a rather peaceful in comparison due to corona outbreaks. But this year there is no such problem.

Cracker burning

One cannot sleep peacefully. Babies and elderly people are distressed. But these cracker blasters don’t care.

Adulterated sweets are sold without any qualms. This is what a festival becomes which is hijacked by commercial interests. Every business jumps into the selling spree giving discounts and bonanzas.

I suspect that children who are the main actors in this drama even know the philosophy behind this festival.

And had Rama experienced this sight on his arrival, I am sure He would had returned back and headed to the jungles where he had already spent the 14 years of his youth. At least there He would have breathed the pure natural air and avoided his name being politicised.

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