Live in the Present

In the movie Siddhartha based on the novel by Hermann Hesse and directed by Conrad Rooks, Siddhartha is rowing in the river accompanied by his Guru who is an old man. He tells Siddhartha that the river is at all the places at the same time. It is at its sources, it is in the ocean, it is on its way to ocean simultaneously. It lives in the present. We humans suffer because we chase the time which is impossible. Time is unaffected by anything. It is nonchalant. It neither hates nor loves anything. Things are born and dying but… Read More »Live in the Present

Calcutta Chromosome

Recently my reading capacity has dwindled quite a lot. Though in normal circumstances, I don’t read the books in one go. I can’t. For me it is not possible. I am the one who don’t swallow big chunks without properly chewing. I read about 10 pages at the maximum in one sitting. But, it was different with Amitav Ghosh‘s novel “Calcutta Chromosome“. I purchased it few days back and was occasionally reading two three pages at the time of going to bed. Generally I read in leisure lying down in the bed and many a times very powerful but brief… Read More »Calcutta Chromosome