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Comeback of Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Da, the legendary music director of the Bollywood, can be seen on a number of TV shows these days. One thing leads to another in the film industry. He is the same rotund man laden with all kinds of jewelery from head to foot. But he has given us some memorable songs both in Hindi and his mother tongue Bengali. He is busy in a number of projects now, some of which are given below: Movie: Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara with Urmila and Kher directed by Jahnu Barua. Cabaret with Apache Indian (remember him Chak De), Jai Kalra… Read More »Comeback of Bappi Lahiri


And there they were lying under the shadow of a tree in the isolated woods. Nearby, the river was making a hissing sound. Cicada were making a piercing noises as it was intense hot. It was noon time and nobody ventured out in such a heat. But those whose heart are burning with love are awaken at such times. Their bodies were melted into one another as was the sky getting melted into the earth. Perspiration mingled and ants bit their naked bodies. But they were totally lost in the love oblivious of the world.Then there was a sound which… Read More »Passion

By the Sea

We have gone to picnic by the sea beach. It was on the Konkan Coast of India. At the time of our arrival at the beach, there was a low tide and sand on the beach was exposed a great deal. It was just flat with very gentle slope towards the sea. Water nearer was muddy and khaki colored. Far off it looked greenish. There were boats looking like specks and seagulls were hovering over them. I enjoyed a lot inside the water. I would go deeper and deeper inside till I was not able to stand on my feet… Read More »By the Sea

Shalimar Clown

I am an avid fan of Rushdie and have read almost all his works. When he writes about India, he is brilliant. This novel is based on the terrorism which has become a worldwide phenomenon. For centuries, Hindus and Muslims have been living in Kashmir in complete harmony. But the terrorism has turned this heaven on the earth into a hell. The story of the novel is about a Muslim Boy named Shalimar the clown who loves and marries a Hindu neighbor called Booniy which is a symbolic of harmonious relations between two communities. Rusdhie tells us about the village… Read More »Shalimar Clown

Destruction of Jerusalem

Edom’s perpetual hatred to Jehovah’s people: the inveterate enemy of Jerusalem Isaac begat two twin sons from his wife. While she was pregnant, these sons gave her much trouble and she was afraid about the future; God appeared to her and told her two nations are taking form in her womb. The two sons were born and called Esau and Jacob. Esau was also called Edom; while the mother’s favorite was Jacob, Isaac loved Esau. There was thus a great rivalry between the twins from the beginning. Jacob went to rule the Jerusalem and Edom settled and his descendant s… Read More »Destruction of Jerusalem


Bruno was my real friend. Whether I cared or not, He was never angry, Like the human beings , when ignored. He will meet me, Lick me, jump stand on his hind legs, Whenever I came. Whenever I was sad, He will sneak silently, near me and put his head, In my lap or on my  chest, And suck away all my sorrows. Now he is gone, left me weeping.


In the Norse mythology, there is a tree of life called Yggdrasil. Its branches fanned over gods and men and giants and dwarfs. It sheltered all creation. It has three roots. One root dug deep into Niflheim and under that root the spring Hvergelmir seethed and growled like water in a cauldron. Down there the dragon Nidhogg ripped apart corpses. Between mouthfuls, he sent the squirrel Ratatosk whisking up the trunk from deepest earth to heaven; it carried insults to the eagle who sat on the topmost bough, with a hawk perched on its brow. And Nidhogg was not content… Read More »Yggdrasil

Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fungi. There are numerous varieties of the mushrooms. Some are edibles and considered very healthy. On the other hand some varieties are very poisonous and cause fatalities on consuming. Magic mushrooms or shrooms as they are called commonly are hallucination drugs. These can be divided into two groups: The Psilocybin-bearing mushrooms, found primarily in the Psilocybe genus, and the Muscimol-containing mushroom Amanita muscaria. Psilocybe mushrooms contain psilocybin and/or psilocin and psychedelic tryptamines that are structurally similar to serotonin, a strong regulator of mood, state of mind, and consciousness. Several species of Psilocybe also contain the alkaloid baeocystin, which… Read More »Magic Mushrooms

Destruction of Jerusalem

According to Old Testament Bible, Isaac begat two twin sons from his wife. Like Abraham and Sarah, the parents of , Isaac and Rebekah had to wait many years for a child. After Isaac asked the Lord to help them, Rebekah became pregnant and bore twin boys, Esau and Jacob.While she was pregnant, these sons gave her much trouble and she was afraid about the future; God appeared to her and told her two nations are taking form in her womb. The two sons were born and called Esau and Jacob. Esau was also called Edom; while the mother’s favorite… Read More »Destruction of Jerusalem

Jesus & Fish

Pisces is one of the Zodiac symbols. Each symbol, though apparently is connected to some animal as the Zodiac means, there are hidden religious meanings. During the Age of Pisces, the Fish was the symbol of divinity and the Sun God fed the multitude with two small fishes. The frontispiece of Inman’s Ancient Faiths shows the goddess Isis with a fish on her head; and the Indian Savior God, Krishna, in one of his incarnations was cast from the mouth of a fish. Not only is Jesus often referred to as the Fisher of Men, but as John P. Lundy… Read More »Jesus & Fish

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