Edmund Albius: Inventor of the Manual Method of Vanilla Pollination

Vanilla is rated as the second most valuable spice after Saffron. One of the reasons for their being the most valuable species in addition to right kind of climate is its labor intensive farming. Vanilla is famous for essence and find used in numerous food items. The flavor is imparted by a organic compound Vanillin which has chemical having the name 4-hydroxy-3 methoxy benzaldehyde. Some other compounds also make contribution. Vanillin is not present in the beans. Beans contain odorless compoumd vanillin glucoside which when fermented releases the oil. Vanilla is a native of Mexico. The pollination is possible due… Read More »Edmund Albius: Inventor of the Manual Method of Vanilla Pollination

Bootstrapping the Life

God‘s creations are not comprehensive. His ways are an enigma for us to understand. Even a tiny event taking place in the nature is beyond our understanding. How the life is sparked in the body made of flesh. I think many times that if we assemble all the organs into a human body, can it come to life by itself? A simile can be drawn from the modern day computers. A computer is assembled from the hardware like CPU, mother board, storage media, multimedia. Even after assembling the hardware, it is just a lifeless piece without any use until it… Read More »Bootstrapping the Life

New Leaves are Sprouting

After the winter comes the spring and sleeping nature wakes up and comes to life. As the poet, Shelley said in his ode to the West wind, had said it so truthfully “When the winter comes, can the spring be too far”. He must be an optimist and means to reassure his pensive reader saying that the moments of ups and downs are transitory. Thus the interminable cycle of seasons goes on. In India, one can experience varied climates and seasons. Summers to harsh and unbearable, winter too cold in many parts of our country. Even the advent of a… Read More »New Leaves are Sprouting

Some Pictures I shot in 2011

I have the habit to carry my htc mobile on my walks. I walk almost daily and think that one day I shall be like what I looked like when I was young. As the years passed by, body began to accumulate pounds. Walking became a necessity to keep fighting the flab. As a bonus, I am rewarded by some good photos. I usually snap whatever appeals me. Most of the times it is the nature. More pictures will come up. Please continue to visit this post.

Neo-Rich Mentality

Take two persons belonging to Northern India and Western or South India having same amount of money and resources at their disposal, the one’s from North shall flaunt it no ends. I have been writing this after experiencing first hand the scene in the city which boasted of being the most systematically planned cities in India. When they come to road in their newly acquired cars, they think that they are the rulers of the road. You can easily spot the person in the driving seat, holding the cellphone to ear with one hand and steering with the other. These… Read More »Neo-Rich Mentality

Hummingbirds: The extraordinary birds

Hummingbirds are most beautiful birds endowed with dazzling colors and hues. But these birds seem to be consigned to the extreme life because at the end of the day, they are so exhausted that it is not sure whether or not they will live to see the another day. Their humming near the flowers in which they insert their specialized beaks to suck the nectar while steadying themselves by constantly flapping their wings, seems like a fluid motion poetry. It is sight to behold. They can fly forward and backward, up and down manoeuvrings come as easily to them. So… Read More »Hummingbirds: The extraordinary birds

Anand Bakshi: Master of Simplicity

One lyricist dominated the Hindi films scene as no one has done before and after till yet. His name was Anand Bakshi. From seventies to the end of 2nd millennium, he penned innumerable songs for Hindi films. So many of his songs were instant hits. The secret lies, I think, in simple words and day to day human chat which touched the chords in simple folks. Many songs were describing the simple dialogues between two lovers on the trivial things like color of bangles and clothes. It may be due to the fact that he was a Punjabi and simplicity… Read More »Anand Bakshi: Master of Simplicity

Yogesh: The Wizard of Words

Manna Dey, the great classical master, is singing “Kuchh Aise bhi Pal Hoten Hain” in a very old program on DD Bharati. It was a time of black and white television and live singing. He is on harmonium with a small notebook opened on the harmonium. He is weaving a magic. The words of the song are so simple but meaning is very deep. I asked myself who had penned these beautiful lyrics. On searching the internet after a while I found out that lyricist is Yogesh. Remember him or not? As we say that a man’s work speaks on… Read More »Yogesh: The Wizard of Words

Lots of Sparrows and Losing the Sparrows

This was in Panvel Mumbai It is a happy augury that lots of sparrows are seen these days on the trees, windows ledges of our house, The sparrows were becoming very scarce and the world was forgetting about them. I bet many of our children today having seen the bird. There is an incessant chirping to be heard in the early morning. It is hint from them that they are hungry and requesting for the food. We scatter the rice, Bajra and Jowar in the bottom of our windows. Lot of sparrows vie with each other for the food. They… Read More »Lots of Sparrows and Losing the Sparrows