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Science and technology

What is Web3?

Introduction Web3 is a new iteration of the World Wide Web that is built on decentralized technologies such as blockchain and cryptography. It is designed to give users more control over their data and privacy, and to create a more open and democratic internet. Web3 is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we use the internet. It could make it easier for people to share information and ideas, and to participate in the global economy. It could also help to protect our privacy and security online. How does Web3 work?… Read More »What is Web3?

GoPro Hero 10

GoPro or GoPRO Inc is an American Technology Company engaged in the manufacturing of Action Cameras. These cameras are for making stunning dynamic videos in which it captures the dynamic scenes like traveling, mountain climbing and underwater life in oceans. These cameras can take photos, make videos, time lapse videos. Bikers can fix these on their body using the accessories provided. Latest camera released by GoPro is GoPro Hero 10. It was launched in 16 September in 2021 in India. Camera is available here in India either in stores and also on Amazon and Flipkart. It costs around INR 50000/-.… Read More »GoPro Hero 10

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Technology Limited is a London based electronics company. It has come out with its first cellphone called Nothing Phone 1. Another product the company makes is electronic Bluetooth earbuds. What is the different from other phones? It’s the first phone with transparent backside. One can clearly peer inside. It has 50+50 MP rear camera. 256 GB storage. 6.55 inch full HD display. 12 GB RAM and Dual SIM. Supports upto 5G. It is available in white and black colours. The cellphone runs on Android operating system. The phone was launched in India on 12 July 2022 Another feature is… Read More »Nothing Phone 1

Fast and Durable Charger!!!

All communication devices like mobiles and tablets require regular charging because of the continuous use of these devices. Since these devices travel with the owner, every owner desires that the charger should be faster as well as durable. Mostly the chargers that come with the devices are device specific and have limited life time resulting in recurring costs of buying the chargers again and again. Similarly, in a family individuals have mobiles with different designs and thus every device has its own charger. Users want type of chargers which can be near universal. These could be easily used with iOS,… Read More »Fast and Durable Charger!!!

Top 10 World Leaders 2021 according to Fortune Mag

According to Fortune Magazine. Many of these are the personalities belonging to different fields which rendered unique contribution in fight against Covid-19. 1. Jacinda Ardern: Prime Minister of Newzealand. She tops the list for the role she played to tackle COVID-19 from spreading in New Zealand. In a nation of 5 million only 2700 cases and 26 deaths. For 6 months she and her cabinet took 20% pay cut. 2. mRNA Pioneers: COVID-19 vaccines which are largely administered today rely on mRNA. Although mRNA was discovered in 1960, it was in mid 2000 that researchers figured out how to modify… Read More »Top 10 World Leaders 2021 according to Fortune Mag

Marie Curie

Marie Curie is the shining example of Grit and Patience. She is an example of unerring in her enquiry and never afraid of hard work. She was born in Warsaw Poland which was under the control of Russia at that time. She left Warsaw for Cracow which was under Austria then. From there she went to France for higher studies and settled there. Marie Curie is considered the Greatest Scientist. She set a shining example for generations of scientists. She and her whole family was the family of illustrious scientists. It is 110 years since Marie Curie became the first… Read More »Marie Curie

Mass of Higgs Boson predicted by Homer Simpson!!!!!

Homer Simpson seems to have discovered the equation to calculate the weight of the elusive God Particle, Higgs Boson as back as a decade Many of the episodes of the cult show “The Simpsons” are laced with mathematics. It is said the many people involved in the making of this show are mathematicians In one such episode called “The Wizard of Terrace” in 1998, Homer Simpson turns into a mathematician and is shown pondering over a equation in front of the blackboard. The equation is written as shown in the picture below. If you put the values of all the… Read More »Mass of Higgs Boson predicted by Homer Simpson!!!!!

Benzene: The Dream of Kekule:

Continuing the subject of dreams, it is pertinent to mention that lucid dreams had helped many to make great discoveries and inventions. Since my subject is chemistry, I will touch upon one such famous dream which laid the foundation for understanding the structure and chemistry of  aromatic compounds. As every one versed with chemistry knows, the benzene is the starting compound of aromatic compounds. Its structure was derived by Kukule’. His full name was Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz. Benzene was analyzed to have 6 carbon and 6 hydrogen atoms. Existing formula of all the organic compounds did not fit… Read More »Benzene: The Dream of Kekule:

Energy Saving Dye

Scientists at Oregon State University have developed a blue pigment. Mas Subramanian and his students have this to their credit. The dye is environmentally friendly and nontoxic. It is called YInMn Blue. This is good news, because many inorganic blues are toxic or cause cancer, such as Prussian blue, cobalt blue, or ultramarine blue. There is yet another property this dye possesses. It reflects light from sunlight especially in the infrared (heat) part of the spectrum. It is about 40% higher in reflectivity than most blue colors. This could prove to be ideal for paints used on cars, roofs, and… Read More »Energy Saving Dye

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