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A Morning Walk in the Nature

The sun rises in the east, Its warm light bathes the woods in peace. The birds twitter in the trees, A welcome sound to greet the morning. I walk along the lush path, Taking my time to enjoy the scenery. The air is fresh and clean, And the sounds of nature are all around me. I feel at peace in the woods, Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I can hear the wind in the trees, And the sound of the birds singing. I am content to simply be here, In the moment, enjoying the beauty… Read More »A Morning Walk in the Nature

Now I lay me down to sleep

God be my guardian, I do keep My heart and soul, they are so pure I pray for peace, and sweet dreams, too I close my eyes, and let my mind wander To faraway places, where I can ponder The things that make me happy, and the things that make me sad I know that tomorrow, I will wake up glad Because I have God in my heart, and that is the start Of a new day, and a new beginning

When Life Seems to be a burden

When life seems to be a burden, And breath becomes heavy, And the world seems to be closing in, And there’s no way out, Remember that you are not alone, And that there are people who care about you, And that there is always hope, No matter how dark things may seem. So don’t give up, And don’t give in,And don’t let the darkness win, Because you are stronger than you think you are, And you will get through this,I promise.

Blissful Morning

The sky is a coppery hue, The birds are chirping in the trees, The temple bells are tolling true, The cool breeze blows through me. I sit on the steps of the temple, And close my eyes and pray, For peace and happiness to dwell, In my heart each and every day. The sun is rising in the east, The sky is turning a golden hue, The birds are singing their morning song, And the world seems new. I open my eyes and smile, For this is a beautiful day, A day to be grateful for, And to live each… Read More »Blissful Morning

Love is a lie!!

Love is a lie, A big fat lie. It’s all about lust, And not about love. People say they love you, But they don’t mean it. They just want to use you, And then they’ll throw you away. So don’t believe in love, It’s not worth it. Just focus on yourself, And be happy. Love is a lie, A big fat lie. So don’t fall for it, Or you’ll be sorry.

World is full of fear but

The world is full of fear, Without love, there’s only tears. But in the darkness, there is light, Shining through the night. A mind that is free, Can think of things that are new. No worries, no pain,Just peace and love again. Equality for all,No hate, no discrimination. A world where everyone is free, To live their life in harmony.

Don’t Ask Me About..

Don’t ask how I spend my life without you For the time has lost its meaning now, And I wander aimlessly from place to place As one who has lost his way. The world seems empty and devoid of life, And all its beauty is a mockery, For there is nothing left to live for now That you are gone from me. The days are long and dreary, and the nights are filled with restless dreams, And I long for the day when I shall see you again And hold you close in my arms. But until that day comes,… Read More »Don’t Ask Me About..

My Mind a River

My mind is like a river, Flowing ever onward, Sometimes calm and peaceful, Sometimes angry and spate. The calm waters of my Mind Reflecting the world around me, Peaceful and serene. But when the river is angry It rages and swells, Out of control. The river of my mind is always changing, Never the same. But through it all, It flows on, Ever onward.

Flickering Candle

A candle’s flame, a flickering light, In the dark of night, a single sight. The wind blows through, it makes it dance, A gentle sway, a gentle trance. The flame grows dim, it starts to fade, But then it’s back, a brighter shade. The flame dances on, it never stops, A beautiful sight, a thing of hope.

A Song of hope

O friend, wait a bit, There will be light, Everything will be alright again. The storm may rage without, But within there is peace. The darkness may be deep, But the light is near. Just hold on a little longer, And the dawn will break. Just keep your faith, And everything will be alright again. The sun will shine again, The birds will sing again, And the flowers will bloom again. So don’t give up hope, O friend. Just wait a bit, And everything will be alright again.

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