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Yeti and Sasquatch

Both of them are mythical creatures said to be inhabiting the the different parts of the world.Sasquatch is said to be living in North America. and Western Canada. Yeti whose physical description is similar to Sasquatch is said to be living in the Himalayas. Both are large hairy humanoids. The origin of the word Sasquatch which is also known as Bigfoot name comes from Salish se’sxac, meaning “wild men.” It’s counterpart Yeti is also known as th Abominable Snowman. Many people from time to time claim that they have seen them but till now there is no proof of their… Read More »Yeti and Sasquatch


A scapegoat is an innocent person who is made to take the take the blame for the wrongdoings done by others. For example, when a child breaks something in the home and blame is passed by him onto one of his siblings before the parents. In the world of crime, there are persons who bear the blame for the crime done by some other prominent member of the gang. This is done in order to keep the major part of the gang free and to carry on the activities unhindered. Origin of Scapegoat? The origin of the term is from… Read More »Scapegoat

Myth of Argus Panoptes!!

Most of us must have seen the peacock. And also the saying “hundred eyed one” or “all seeing”. All these things are related to Argus Panoptes. A person with keen eyesight and watchful is called Argus Eyed. Peacock is often considered as the most beautiful bird. It is so colorful. Its tail feathers have eyes like patterns. In Greek mythology, these are the eyes of Argus Panoptes. He was the servant and guard of Hera and had hundred eyes fixed all over his body. Panoptes means hundred eyes. Argus Panoptes served Goddess Hera. He was chosen by her as he… Read More »Myth of Argus Panoptes!!

Gold Pot! Where is it?

Most of the mythological stories are improbable. These are about extraordinary feats or things. Almost all of these have an religious angle, which lend it credibility. Wite passage of time, it takes deep roots into the psyche of humans. Often there is an element of fear is also there. One such mythological belief is that there is a gold Pot hidden at the end of a rainbow. The pot is said to buried at the point where rainbow touches the earth. The legend originated long ago in Ireland. There was time when Vikings invaded it and began looting the public… Read More »Gold Pot! Where is it?

Counting the Sheeps!!!

Counting the imaginary sheeps in a herd crossing the fence of the pen one by one is one of the techniques for sleep induction. There are so many people who don’t experience peaceful rejuvenating sleep. Main reason for sleeplessness in the modern world is workplace and at home stress, cutthroat competition to make a niche in the earning world. Another reason is the hectic lifestyle which leaves little time for exercise and relaxation. Look at a peasant!! He works all day and fall asleep as soon as hits the bed. He eats and sleep without thinking about the calories. But… Read More »Counting the Sheeps!!!

Who is a lemming ?

“We say a person is a lemming if he follows blindly the majority even if it is following a wrong path. Thus by being a lemming, a person abandons his own thinking. In the modern anxiety ridden world, individual stops listening to his own heart and follows the mass thinking.” What are the Lemmings? Lemmings are a variety of rodents found in Arctic areas. There are many myths about these animals. Why this phrase? There are so many myths about these animals. One observation is that their population fluctuates every three four years. When the population explodes, the food becomes… Read More »Who is a lemming ?

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