And there they were lying under the shadow of a tree in the isolated woods. Nearby, the river was making a hissing sound. Cicada were making a piercing noises as it was intense hot. It was noon time and nobody ventured out in such a heat.

But those whose heart are burning with love are awaken at such times. Their bodies were melted into one another as was the sky getting melted into the earth. Perspiration mingled and ants bit their naked bodies. But they were totally lost in the love oblivious of the world.
Then there was a sound which startled them. Nearby, a branch of tree has fallen and made a big sound. They gathered their clothes. She smothered the crumpled clothes and wore them hastily and he wore his and went down to the river to cool himself. She was feeling very confused. Had she done a right thing? Her two small children were at home playing.