Where are the clouds ? which agreed to become a messenger, and take the yearnings of Yaksha to his wife far away Where are the clouds ? which bring succor from scorching heat breath fresh life into the earth. The clouds which visit my house, cannot be those, when they pour, my cottage trembles and leaks, the floor becomes a pond and everyone in the home weeps.

Pointing Finger of the Sailor!

Invariably while on the morning walk, I look at the statute of Dr.Ambedkar, the founding father of India’s constitution. He is depicted wearing a suit and holding the book in the left hand close to his body. The finger of his right hand is shown pointing away. He is wearing spectacles. All these traits point out to his western education. He seems to trying to say something to his countrymen. He belonged to the downtrodden class of India. He fought for the uplift & social equality  of the downtrodden. He endeavored his whole life to do away the thousands of… Read More »Pointing Finger of the Sailor!


River of Time flows eternally, It never swells, it never dries, It is always the same, Unchanging It was here before Universe, It was here before Earth, Stars & Moon, It does not care, it does not mind, It never complains It shall be here rest assure, When we shall be gone, Our moon, Sun & stars shall be switched off, It shall flow eternally, It shall never grow old, It was, is and shall be stoic as ever. Time is the greatest of All.

Day and Night

God after creating the world, Sat and watched his creation Like an artist who examines, his painting from afar, He then appointed Two dyers One He called Day and other He called Night, Day has vats of countless dyes and colored the world with them Night only has one dye, one dye called black. He colors every thing black While Day creates differences, Creates distinctions, Night dissolves the differences Removes differences and distinctions

Oh, Dr. Baba

There he is, standing out like a tree day and night, in the sun and rain, in the winter and autumn. He is bound to the stone and is thus in the shackles. While trees have roots and get nourishment from the earth and grow, he is rootless. He has been turned into a static unlike a dynamic entity he was when he was alive. Birds sit on his head, his shoulders and shit there.  A tattered garland made of synthetic flowers and ribbons hangs around his neck. He is so helpless that he can’t even remove that tattered garland… Read More »Oh, Dr. Baba

God is a Child

O God, Sometimes, I think, You are a child, Who scatters the stars, Across the fields of sky, Then, one by one, gather them all, by morn and put them in a bag, Which shines forth and becomes Sun And you carry the bag, From East to West Never you seem tired or bored Never You seem to care What others think You are stoic You are eternal You are benevolent You never cease to surprise

Life and Death

What is life after all. Yesterday, in the night, around 9 O’clock, while returning from the club, I saw the dog lying on the grass by the side of the road. Its body was writhing in convulsions; froth was issuing from its mouth. It was dying and its mental faculties had lost all reasoning. Its mates were sitting melancholy by its side nearby. They were silent. Only, yesterday it was alive, today it is leaving this world. May be someone has beaten it mercilessly. Nobody cares much about street dogs. Yesterday, it was fighting for food with other dogs. Animals… Read More »Life and Death

Let it Be

Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney was inspired by the dream he dreamed. In this dream, his mother who had died of cancer, visits him and tells him to relax, not to worry. She says to him to leave all his tensions and fears to God. The God who is so benign and merciful; whose blessings on us are without limits. It is only us humans who are shortsighted and react foolishly to bad and good days. The song by Beatles titled “Let it be” “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of… Read More »Let it Be

What will I say to Him?

What answer shall I gave Him when he will ask me to explain about my thumb? How will I face Him?. I am sure I will stand before Him with downcast eyes. I am aware He knows everything and I hope He will ignore, but He may not. He can say that I had sent you as a complete entity and there you have not cared for what I gave you and lost some of the limbs. I am a part of Him and onus is on me to care for what I had. I am only a custodian of… Read More »What will I say to Him?

Foggy Morning

This story is based on the weather after monsoon and rains have abated. The weather becomes so suffocating due to the humidity and pollution. No, I should not call it a foggy morning, because it is not the fog but smog which descends on the earth during these days of the year. The monsoon has ebbed and except for an occasional shower there are no rains. The weather has become muggy and suffocating. It is not clear and there is a lot of heat accumulating over the earth. A pall of heat covers the earth. There is lot of humidity… Read More »Foggy Morning