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Basketball Players over 7 feet!!

In the game of basketball or vollyball taller players have certain advantages of the shorter players. For example in basketball, the basket is at a height of 10 feet from the ground. The professional leagues pay huge sums to hire very tall players.¬† These players all have an advantage in basketball due to their height. They can reach higher than other players to block shots and rebound the ball. They can also score more easily by shooting over defenders. However, they also have some disadvantages. They can be slower than other players and they may be more susceptible to injuries.Despite… Read More »Basketball Players over 7 feet!!

Google Gulp

First of April is called all fools day. Friends try to make fool of a friend by hoax news or through other practical pranks. Although the origin is not clear. Most probably it was in 1582 that France shifted from Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar. With it the start of the year shifted from 1st January to 1st April. Those people who did not realised the change became butt of jokes. In 2005, on April fools day technology giant Google announced that it had branched into a new area of industry with the launch of “Google Gulp” a high tech… Read More »Google Gulp

Bhupendra Singh: Underrated Singer

Singer Bhupendra Singh has not got what he deserves as a singer. He has sung some very beautiful and difficult songs like “Dil doonta hai”, “Ye var ho ya shaap ho” from Koundra, “do deewane shahar mein”. He is trained in the classical Indian music by his strict father. He was working in Doordarshan where the great music director Madan Mohan spotted him. He gave him the break¬† in the company of greats Rafi And Manna Dey from Haqeequat “hoke mazboor” composed. Besides he is the ace guitarist. His list as a guitarist for film songs runs long “Chura liya”… Read More »Bhupendra Singh: Underrated Singer

Bhupen Hazarika

During the course of my postings in different places of the country, I was in Sibsagar, which is very important town in the upper Assam. It was once upon a time the capital of Ahom Kings who entered the Assam from Myanmar. They established their capital first in a place called Cheraideo which is nearby Sibsagar. Sibsagar itself was established by the Ahom king Shiv Singh. All around Sibsagar you will see many temples called Dols and Lakes which reminds you about the times of Ahoms. From this land of mystery and pristine natural beauty hails the most original composer… Read More »Bhupen Hazarika

Soaps on Indian TV Channels

There is a galore of soap operas on Indian TV channels. Prime time is hogged by women dominated serials and so called reality shows. The women shows are of Saas Bahu variety. The reality shows are dance and singing competitions. The concerned families in the women operas are extraordinary kind and generally dominated by a matriarch who seems to run a kingdom according to laws which are extra constitutional. Their writ run large in the home as well as the village they live in. In fact, the whole village is under their mercy day and night. At home, they have… Read More »Soaps on Indian TV Channels

Comeback of Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Da, the legendary music director of the Bollywood, can be seen on a number of TV shows these days. One thing leads to another in the film industry. He is the same rotund man laden with all kinds of jewelery from head to foot. But he has given us some memorable songs both in Hindi and his mother tongue Bengali. He is busy in a number of projects now, some of which are given below: Movie: Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara with Urmila and Kher directed by Jahnu Barua. Cabaret with Apache Indian (remember him Chak De), Jai Kalra… Read More »Comeback of Bappi Lahiri

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