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Blissful Morning

The sky is a coppery hue, The birds are chirping in the trees, The temple bells are tolling true, The cool breeze blows through me. I sit on the steps of the temple, And close my eyes and pray, For peace and happiness to dwell, In my heart each and every day. The sun is rising in the east, The sky is turning a golden hue, The birds are singing their morning song, And the world seems new. I open my eyes and smile, For this is a beautiful day, A day to be grateful for, And to live each… Read More »Blissful Morning

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a hobby that involves observing and identifying different kinds of birds in their natural habitats. Bird watchers can enjoy the beauty and diversity of birds, learn about their behavior and ecology, and contribute to their conservation. Bird watching is said to be like meditation and mindfulness. A bird watcher gets drifted away from the day to day stresses. This break of mindfulness refreshes the mind and generates positive thoughts. Bird watching can be done anywhere, from one’s own backyard to remote wilderness areas. To start bird watching, one needs some basic equipment and skills. The most important… Read More »Bird Watching

Unbelievable Perch

A Large Tailed Nightjar lands in the concrete jungle!! There are some birds which have adapted themselves to live near human settlements. And there are others which are very reclusive. Birders go great lengths to spot and photograph them. One such rare bird is Large Tailed Nightjar. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, subtropical or tropical mangrove forest, and subtropical or tropical moist montane forest. Nightjars are the masters of camouflage and completely merge into the surroundings. But sometimes exceptions happen!!!My daughter and her husband live in a apartment situated on the 18th floor of Gaur… Read More »Unbelievable Perch

Black Necked Stork

Black Necked Stork is a tall bird. It is a water wading bird. It’s scientific name is Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus). It has a long neck. The bird is found in wetland habitats near rice fields where it forages on many types of prey. The bird is a resident of Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The eyes of the female bird are golden whereas that of male are black. Sometimes one can see them playing together in the wetlands. Their population has been severely diminished. IUCN categorises it in the Near Threatened. I have been lucky to spot this beautiful bird in… Read More »Black Necked Stork

Some Fastest Species

Speed thrills human beings. But for animals it is the necessity. It makes some of them ace hunters and for others speed is a means of escaping the danger. So in their case it’s a means of survival. Men try to emulate the fastest speeds as in car racing which for sport and thrill. In this post we will discuss about three species and about their speeds. Tiger Beetles Tiger beetles are known for their running speed md aggressive behaviour. It consists of many subspecies. Among them Rivacindela hudsoni species are special. They can run at speeds of 9 km… Read More »Some Fastest Species

Murmuration of House Sparrows

Murmuration of some birds is a strange but fascinating phenomenon. It has been observed with common starlings in Europe and India. In this phenomenon, groups consisting of thousands of birds fly together and are joined by more and more groups from the neighborhood. They fly together going up and down, changing direction suddenly making breathtaking patterns. But even being so close, they hardly collide with one another. I was lucky to observe this phenomenon by chance but not with starlings which are not in plenty in our area but with House Sparrows. So It was a double bonus and surprise.… Read More »Murmuration of House Sparrows

Mottled Wood Owl Pair

Mottled Wood Owl is a rarity in North India. There is a forest near our village peermuchhalla under Punjab Forests Department. It was our routine to visit this place everyday in the morning. It was in February 2020, I first spotted a pair this bird in this forest. Forest has mostly thorny trees of Khair (Senegalia catechu is a deciduous, thorny tree) and is prized for Kattha used in Paan. This tree has very haphazard thorny branches.I recalled then having missed the bird group earlier on many occasions in deeper woods. After this one bird was spotted in March 2020.… Read More »Mottled Wood Owl Pair

Long Tailed Minivet

In this blog post, I will be Post some information about the bird called Long Tailed Minivet. I have spotted them and photographed in a forest near my home. I go for bird photography everyday in the morning. My visits are nearby Forest, river side and other areas under the foothills. Our area abuts the Shiwalik hills. As it happens, when the winters become too harsh, many birds descend to the adjacent areas to escape the winter and food shortages. In the forest near my home, many such birds come in the winter. One of these is a beautiful bird… Read More »Long Tailed Minivet

Eurasian Hobby

Eurasian hobby (Falco subbuteo) or just simply hobby, is a small, slim falcon. Many times, its face particularly resembles slightly that of Peregrine Falcon. This beautiful raptor is an portrait of patience during early morning times. It keeps sitting on a tree branch for long times unless crows or drongos disturb it As the day progresses slightly, it becomes active. It takes its prey on wings. It hunts large dragonflies, bats, martins and swallows. It continually harasses these while they are roosting and coming out of the roost. This raptor visits our area in North India in winters although I… Read More »Eurasian Hobby

Shaheen Falcon: An Extraordinary Bird

Shaheen Falcon is an endemic species of Peregrine Falcon. It resides here permanently except a small distance migration. I as an wildlife explorer, have keenly observing this royal Bird . There is area consisting of fields, bounded by a river on one side and a forest on the other. There are water bodies in between where many water birds reside. Although I been lucky to spot it and photographed it quite a number of times, my true observations started when the paddy in the fields ripened prompting hundreds of pigeons to descend on the harvested fields. Shaheen Falcon are on… Read More »Shaheen Falcon: An Extraordinary Bird

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