Bhupendra Singh: Underrated Singer

Singer Bhupendra Singh has not got what he deserves as a singer. He has sung some very beautiful and difficult songs like “Dil doonta hai”, “Ye var ho ya shaap ho” from Koundra, “do deewane shahar mein”.

He is trained in the classical Indian music by his strict father. He was working in Doordarshan where the great music director Madan Mohan spotted him. He gave him the break  in the company of greats Rafi And Manna Dey from Haqeequat “hoke mazboor” composed.

Besides he is the ace guitarist. His list as a guitarist for film songs runs long “Chura liya” , “Dum maro dum”, “Chingari koi bhadke”, “Chalte Chalte”, “tum jo mil gaye hi”, “ambar ek oak surahi”.

Mostly he has worked with R.D.Burman who had a keen eye to spot the talent. But he is not in demand now. He has left singing for others.