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Boyfriend Jeans!!

Jeans are immensely popular among both sexes. They are rugged and low maintenance dress items. Over the time, jeans styles have evolved as is the trend in fashion which is being reinvented again and again.

Boyfriend jeans as the name suggests that a woman borrows the pair of jeans from his boyfriend or very close one.

Boyfriend jeans are as if belong to his but tailored to suit for her. They are loose on the leg but fit at the hips. When worn by women, they give a slouchy and relaxed fit.

Boyfriend Jeans

The true blue began in 1873. Since then denim has evolved with different styles and cuts. Marilyn Monroe began the trend of boyfriend jeans in 1960 when she began wearing these jeans on the sets. It gave her a boyish look.

Monroe in Boyfriend jeans

Year 2010 onwards the trend picked up as many celebrities began wearing the jeans. Decades later, Katie Holmes started wearing the jeans of her then husband Tom Cruise. Baggy look it gave her suited her slim figure.

Katie Holmes in Tom Cruise Jeans

Soon many other celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon came out with these jeans. As the fans follow their idols so the jeans became popular among the people.

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