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GoPro Hero 10

GoPro or GoPRO Inc is an American Technology Company engaged in the manufacturing of Action Cameras. These cameras are for making stunning dynamic videos in which it captures the dynamic scenes like traveling, mountain climbing and underwater life in oceans. These cameras can take photos, make videos, time lapse videos. Bikers can fix these on their body using the accessories provided.

Latest camera released by GoPro is GoPro Hero 10. It was launched in 16 September in 2021 in India. Camera is available here in India either in stores and also on Amazon and Flipkart. It costs around INR 50000/-. In US it costs around 500$ and in UK around £480.

The major change is the upgradation of the processor. All previous versions used GP1 processor. Hero 10 uses GP2 processor with almost double speed. It shoots 5.3K video with double the frame rate, 23MP photos. Maximum frames per second are 240. It is equipped with HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization. It has enhanced low light performance.

It is very lightweight camera . It’s dimensions are 68x50x29 mm and weight is 54 grams.

The camera is connected to cloud and once connected footage can be automatically uploaded to the cloud. Otherwise in such high quality videos the file size of the video would be huge and camera card would be easily become full. Similarly the power consumption would be high. So it is recommended to keep an extra battery with it while outdoors.

The camera is waterproof and is used in under water conditions without any fear with same convenience as on the land or the sky. There are many videos about unboxing on the YouTube. One of the beginner’s tutorials link is given below. It is a very thorough video covering everything from unboxing to hardware explanation to its functions accompanied by video examples.

Beautiful Tutorial

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