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All communication devices like mobiles and tablets require regular charging because of the continuous use of these devices. Since these devices travel with the owner, every owner desires that the charger should be faster as well as durable. Mostly the chargers that come with the devices are device specific and have limited life time resulting in recurring costs of buying the chargers again and again.

Similarly, in a family individuals have mobiles with different designs and thus every device has its own charger. Users want type of chargers which can be near universal. These could be easily used with iOS, Android operating systems.

There is now an answer to all these requirements. It is MAGFAST Lux & Extreme Charger.

It comes equipped with an MFI-certified charging option for all iOS and Apple devices as well a USB-C and USB-A connection for Androids and other non-apple.

Magfast Lux

According to the manufacturers, the charger’s cable can withstand up to 25,000 bends, which is possible due to its use of Teflon wiring. What’s more, the charger has three Qi devices at the same time and has a total of 5 separate USB outlets. Qi charging is contactless or wireless charging achieved by induction.

The product is available online on

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