Myth of Argus Panoptes!!

By | April 5, 2022

Most of us must have seen the peacock. And also the saying “hundred eyed one” or “all seeing”. All these things are related to Argus Panoptes. A person with keen eyesight and watchful is called Argus Eyed.

Peacock is often considered as the most beautiful bird. It is so colorful. Its tail feathers have eyes like patterns. In Greek mythology, these are the eyes of Argus Panoptes. He was the servant and guard of Hera and had hundred eyes fixed all over his body. Panoptes means hundred eyes.

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Argus Panoptes served Goddess Hera. He was chosen by her as he never slept. Some of his eyes were always open. So nothing escaped his eyes. That is why he was also called All Seeing One.

He was instrumental in slaying Echidna who was a fearsome character which was half human and half snake. She used to lure travellers to her cave and ate them.

Hera was the wife of Zeus. Zeus in Greek mythology was the head of gods. He is similar to the God Indra of Hindu Mythology and was a God of thunder and rain.

Hera and Zeus

Zeus had an extramarital affair with Io. And Hera doubted him and planned to caught them red handed. At one point she was just about to succeed in her mission but Zeus turned Io into a beautiful cow. Hera was aware of this. So she asked Zeus to give the cow to her. He couldn’t refuse.

Zeus was very upset and thought of plans to get Io freed. He took the services of Hermes who is the messenger of Gods. Hermes was a expert storyteller and lute player. He met Argus in the guise of a cattleherd and began telling Argus stories and playing soothing music. One by one Argus’s eyes began closing and he fell asleep. Hermes then killed him and took away the cow.

Hera was very disturbed and sad. She took the eyes of Argus and fixed them on the tail of a peacock which she kept as a memory to the faithful Argus.

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