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April 2022

Centipedes!!!! Not Exactly

Nature on the Earth has mind boggling diversity. Evolution has enabled species to diversify themselves and morph into altogether different species which are better equipped to adapt themselves to changing scenarios of weather and other variables like food availability and predator defence. Living beings are morphed into some of the strange shapes and sizes. Centipedes are the prime example. Everyone must have seen Centipedes. Those crawling fear inspiring creatures. Although there are so many species of them, but all are called centipedes. How the name came about?Centipede means the one with 100 feet. But this is not true. The number… Read More »Centipedes!!!! Not Exactly

Myth of Argus Panoptes!!

Most of us must have seen the peacock. And also the saying “hundred eyed one” or “all seeing”. All these things are related to Argus Panoptes. A person with keen eyesight and watchful is called Argus Eyed. Peacock is often considered as the most beautiful bird. It is so colorful. Its tail feathers have eyes like patterns. In Greek mythology, these are the eyes of Argus Panoptes. He was the servant and guard of Hera and had hundred eyes fixed all over his body. Panoptes means hundred eyes. Argus Panoptes served Goddess Hera. He was chosen by her as he… Read More »Myth of Argus Panoptes!!

Some Fastest Species

Speed thrills human beings. But for animals it is the necessity. It makes some of them ace hunters and for others speed is a means of escaping the danger. So in their case it’s a means of survival. Men try to emulate the fastest speeds as in car racing which for sport and thrill. In this post we will discuss about three species and about their speeds. Tiger Beetles Tiger beetles are known for their running speed md aggressive behaviour. It consists of many subspecies. Among them Rivacindela hudsoni species are special. They can run at speeds of 9 km… Read More »Some Fastest Species

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