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The Story of Two Dots!!

Once upon a time many years ago……..

There were two charged particles. They came to existence within a short span of time to one another. The were wandering here and there.

How do we trace their journeys in the time? Well scientists use cloud chamber to trace their paths in the space with time. This is a writer’s device so it can be extraordinary and perfect.

From their trajectories it was clear that they had opposite charges but very far apart in the beginning. But their traces were of opposite slope and thus they were heading to a collision in future. Force of attraction also began playing its part in bringing them closer and closer.

Eventually they met and neutralised their charge and United to become an atom. Although being one but had their independent existences also. The resultant product was stable for many years. Time went by.

Then under the influence of external forces and due to a sense of ennui, the atom began to become unstable. It began to expand. Both charges began distancing from each other. Like the universe which is expanding continuously, the charged dots started loosing communication with each other and becoming more and more independent identities again as they were in the beginning.

Soon they will be out of the view of cloud chamber screen. The scientist shall have to zoom out the screen to see them both moving away from one another and losing out the finer details in the process. Story will come to an end.

Is not their story akin to the story of man and woman who become husband and wife and then after being together for many years become bored with one another and somewhere in their minds thought of living their individual lives although physically they continue to live together?

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