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Some of Great Persons who excelled despite disabilities 

Despite their daily lives being a challenge, they contributed to humanity a lot. They had to fight their physical limitations but with sheer grit and will power, their contributions in different fields have made them icons. Here are some of them…

John Milton

English poet who wrote the famous works like “Paradise Lost” became blind at the time of writing this work. He was forty at that time. He was a great poet, author and civil servant.

John Milton

Ludwig van beethoven

One of the greatest composers. He began to lose his hearing when he was only 26 years of age. But he continued to compose music. In fact his most loved works are said to be composed when he was completely deaf.

Albert Einstein 

He is considered as one of the greatest scientists in the world. His theory of relativity, discovery of photoelectric effect and browning movement have catapulted the science and helped in understanding the cosmos. But he had learning disabilities and could not learn to speak till the age of three.

John Nash 

Famous American mathematician whose life is the subject of 2001 famous Hollywood movie “A beautiful mind” was diagnosed with “paranoid schizophrenia

Stevie Wonder 

He was a child prodigy and was born blind. Despite all this, he was one of the most successful musicians, singers, song writers and multi-instrumentalists of late 20th century.

Van Gogh

Master Painter with works like “Potato Eaters”, “Starry Nights” was a Dutch. Although the precise nature of his ailments is under debate but he was admitted to mental asylum and hospitals many times throughout his life.

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