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Gold Pot! Where is it?

Most of the mythological stories are improbable. These are about extraordinary feats or things. Almost all of these have an religious angle, which lend it credibility. Wite passage of time, it takes deep roots into the psyche of humans. Often there is an element of fear is also there.

One such mythological belief is that there is a gold Pot hidden at the end of a rainbow. The pot is said to buried at the point where rainbow touches the earth.

The legend originated long ago in Ireland. There was time when Vikings invaded it and began looting the public and robbing them of their gold. Over a short period of time, they amassed a fortune of gold and other wealth.

They are said to bury the gold for the sake of keeping it secure. Because at that time, there existed no such facilities such as bank lockers.

The legend of buried gold began when the Vikings departed with the bounty but left some of gold buried.

After the Vikings, leprechauns came into picture. They found this hidden gild. The leprechauns were distrusted of humans and relocated this gold at the end of the rainbow.

Rainbow is an amazing natural phenomenon. We know that the light is responsible for this phenomenon. Light consists of seven colours in the human visible range. These are from Voilet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange to Red. When this light passes through a prism it is broken into individual colors.

In nature, when the rain and sunlight are present at the same time, the water droplets hanging in the rain act as prism and split the sunlight into an arc of seven colours. It’s edges seem to be touching the earth surface at the ends.

This is an illusion. No one can touch it. It goes on shifting it’s position. Even if you try to go to the point where it seems to touch the surface shifts away.

Perhaps the moral is that the wealth is there but it is not in the grasp of the seeker.

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