Don’t know whether you have heard about this word. Frankly I was not aware about it. First came across while filling a crossword.

Glamping is a portmanteau of two words. Glamor and Camping. Usually camping is the activity in which the nature loving people leave the home to go into a forest, a jungle or on a mountain climbing routine.

It must be more common in US and Europe. Usually they go in groups and stay in the makeshift accommodation mostly the tents. There are hardly any amenities like home.

Traditional Yurt in Mongolia

In the modern world, people with money want to enjoy both the outing into the nature without sacrificing the amenities available in the urban homes.

Glamping is for such people. There are arrangers who have converted this desire into a business opportunity.

They arrange for these people makeshift homes amidst the fields and forests. Most traditional shelter was called Yurt or Ger. These are the homes of the nomadic Mongolian people.

A modern Yurt

A Yurt or a Ger is a collapsible structure made of folding material. It is a dome like structure. Inside it necessary amenities are provided. Now the modern extension verges on to an almost a modern house.

Modern yurt
Inside a modern Yurt

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