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Good versus Bad

Some of Cartoons depicting clash of interests:

Grizzy and Lemmings
Tom and Jerry
Oggy and the cockroaches

It is all about Good versus bad. This is debated from the times immorial.

They are always out to wipe out each other
Like Rama and Ravana. All religions have this common thread of good versus bad. Goodness is always depicted as winner over the evil. But the win is not permanent. If it were so then evil would have long gone.

But can one exist without the other?


Can any of the characters has any relevance without the other ?

In all these stories, characters of opposing nature are always trying to dominate the other. Tom is after Jerry and vice versa. They have developed their own abilities to harm the other or defend themselves.

But have you noticed that there are moments in these stories when one of the rivals is defeated and becomes hidden. The other begins to miss the vanquished. Goodness always seems seeks evilness. Honesty seeks dishonesty. Only when they juxtaposed they have the image they are entitled to portray. Otherwise they will be the normal beings living their own simple lives just like the general majority.

Everything exists in pairs complementing one another. Plus has its nemesis in minus, electron in proton, matter in antimatter, Ravan in Rama, Tom in Jerry, grizzy in lemmings and Oggy in cockroaches. It is not an accident that goodness chances upon evilness but it is indispensable for its own existence.

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