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Some Shots From the Nature

Nature never tires of giving us surprises. It is the end of March and the weather is taking a turn for the hot and sultry weather. Presently, the trees which have shed their old leaves are supporting fresh green and brown leaves.

A few days ago, the process to shed the inefficient leaves aided by strong winds was in full progress. The roads and avenues were littered with falling dead leaves which were swept here and there by strong breeze. I remembered Kabir whenever I watched this phenomena.

Kabir was a great saint of India. He engaged in a dialogue with the God on a friendly and equal footing as opposed to so many of us who are so awed by the God and always beg for the blessings which He showers without asking. On seeing the dead leaves falling and flying away from the tree which once was adorned by them Kabir sang the song as follows:

Patta Tuta Dal Se Le Gayi Pawan Udaye
Ab Ke Bichade Kab Milenge Door Padenge Jaye
Kabir Aap Thagiye Or Na Thagiye Koi
Aap Thage Sukh Upaje Aur Thage Dukh Hoye

Which can be loosely translated as under.

It is all metaphorical. The dead leave is like a human soul who has separated and drifted away from the the creator. It can be said when these twain shall meet again. The soul will mingle with the creator and shall be released from the cyclic birth and death. So it is not good thing to fall in love of material things but introspect oneself.

Anyway the wise sage things which are easier said than done. But simple conclusion is that we should strive to become better humans. This is the lesson which nature wants to convey to us through several cues daily. Even in the time of so much rough weather, it treats us with good views.

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