Frog and Scorpion Retold

The basic nature of man never changes as the famous poet Waris Shah said it hundreds years ago. He said “Waris Shah na adtaan jandiyan ne, bhaven katiye porian porian ji” meaning come what may, the habits never die. Same lesson is sought to be conveyed by the fable “Frog and Scorpion” which is commonly attributed to Aesop though the authenticity of this claim is contested by some authorities. Any way here we are concerned with the fable and what it tells.

Once upon a time a scorpion needs to go to the other side of the river. He knows no swimming and is in great trouble and sits sadly by the edge of river. Suddenly, he chances upon a frog in the water. He begs the frog to take him to the other side of the river. The frog is very apprehensive and fears the deathly sting of the scorpion. He tells his fear to the scorpion and expresses his inability to take it to other side.

The scorpion sincerely promises not to sting and tells the frog that death of frog will certainly resultĀ  in his own death. Thus convinced, the frog puts the scorpion on his back and begins his journey towards the opposite end of the river little knowing that it is his last journey.

When they are in the middle, without any rhyme or reason, the scorpion stings the frog. Frog is dying and drowning. He asks the scorpion why did he do this to which the scorpion replies innocently without any remorse that he cannot help it because it is in his nature. It is built in in his behavior.

Most of time, the behavior of many a fellows’ partners is like that of scorpion. They are hoping and hoping and doing whatever is liked by their partners but it results in no improvement in their stinging behavior. Never do they feel any remorse.

Aesop’s Fables

Most of them even don’t feel anything because it in their nature to behave like that and to them there is no oddity in their behavior. They keep on trying despite getting insulted, degraded and rebuked for after all the hope burns eternally in the breast of most human beings. They keep on waiting for the day when something will change, when the behavior of their partners will change.

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