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Narcissus in Us!!

There is a Narcissus in All of Us: More or Less

Narcissus or Narkissos was a youth of exceptional beauty and due to vanity became exceptionally proud and disdained others. When Goddess Nemesis saw this, she attracted the Narcissus to a pool of clear water. He saw his reflection in the water and fell in love with his own image. He did not left the pool and died.

Narcissus looking himself in water

The word narcissism is derived from him and means excessive self love. There is less or more narcissus in all of us. To a degree it is essential for self keep up. But many of us have it in larger measure and keep admiring their own pictures.

Narcissus is also the name of beautiful flower of the same name. The name is also linked to intoxication (narcotic) and the Greek character Narcissus which is the topic of this post. He was intoxicated with self-love.

Narcissus Flowers

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