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Peafowls in our Neighborhood

Birds evolved from aquatic animals when some of these animals ventured on land to escape the competition for resources and perils from the mightier ones. Reptiles came into existence but even here some of them lost two limbs and grew feathers and became a airborne again to be at safety from marauders. They became tree living and gained the advantage of having larger area under their surveillance for food and move to safer places.

But there are some birds which are fowls like hens and roosters and peacock which have limited capacity to fly. They live mostly on the lower branches of trees which are in the vicinity of crops where they can come down for foraging.
One such bird is peafowl. They are beautiful birds with long feathers of brilliant colors. Mostly the feathers are blue in color. In the vicinity of our home are fields and woods and lot of these live there. They come to open fields in groups for foraging.

The male which we call as peacocks are more beautiful than female. They have very dense and long plume of feathers and are very heavy. During the mating season which is particularly during cloud laden days, peacocks open their feathers in the shape of a fan and dance to attract the female counterparts.
Here are some pictures.


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